[COMMENTARY] Trump Tweets Racist Statements Regarding Low-Income Housing

Because it’s a day that ends in “-day”, Donald Trump has once again shown his racist nature by tweeting about low-income housing, saying suburban families “won’t have to worry” about their property values decreasing. Signaling his base, Trump gloated about the perceived victory.

“I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

Trump’s tweets came slightly less than a week after an announcement from Housing Secretary Ben Carson announced a rollback of another of Barack Obama’s policies aimed at helping lower-income families move into better neighborhoods with better educational opportunities for their children. Carson announced last Thursday that he plans to rescind the 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation. The rule required state and local communities seeking federal housing funding to collect extensive data on demographics and living conditions and, importantly, to show that they were not perpetuating racial discrimination.

“Your housing prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down.” Trump crowed in a follow-up tweet. “I have rescinded the Obama-Biden AFFH Rule. Enjoy!”

The subtext of the tweets is clear: “White people, don’t worry about poor people of color moving in to ruin your all-white neighborhoods”

This is just the latest in a long list of racially motivated actions by Trump and his Administration to undo any and all Obama-era programs. Trump famously refused housing to low-income families of color in Harlem in the 1970s, and also took out a full-page ad demanding the executions of the Central Park Five; he also continued to insist on their guilt long after they were exonerated.


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