[COMMENTARY] Trump Tweets About Pizza While Former Presidents Eulogize John Lewis

While former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were attending the funeral for civil rights legend John Lewis, Donald Trump was tweeting about….pizza.

In a typical attention-seeking move when the eyes of the country were elsewhere, Trump promoted a pizza place on Long Island. Trump also tagged Fox Business host Stuart Varney in the tweet. Patio Pizza was featured on Fox News after a post about a potential boycott on Facebook went viral. Owner Guy Caligiuri said that on Friday night, a customer became upset over the “Keep America Great” flag hanging by the back door of his restaurant. According to Caligiuri, the customer told his employees that the pizzeria had just lost a customer over the flag. The customer posted about her experience, but instead of starting a boycott, she became the victim of online harassment. So many local Trump loyalists began showing up at Patio Pizza to show their support, Caligiuri related, that it was like “a spontaneous Trump rally.”

Trump didn’t pay his respects to Lewis while he was lying in state, so it’s not surprising he was also not invited to the memorial service in Atlanta. With his long history of racism and his announcement yesterday regarding the “Suburban American Dream“, Trump is openly showing his hand when it comes to the issue of race in this country.

As America mourns the gentle soul of John Lewis, Donald Trump is trying to move the election, slow down or completely end mail service, force our children back to school in the middle of a pandemic even as members of the GOP are getting sick and dying from the coronavirus, and attack American citizens in the streets. It’s clear his intention is to sew as much chaos as possible before November as he continues to slip in the polls.

















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