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[COMMENTARY] Trump Suggests Putting Chinese Flags on US Planes to ‘Bomb the Sh-t’ Out of Russia

[COMMENTARY] Trump Suggests Putting Chinese Flags on US Planes to ‘Bomb the Sh-t’ Out of Russia

If there’s something Donald Trump excels at, it’s figuring out how to get someone else to take the blame for something bad he either did or he really wants to do. Whether it’s ducking his taxes or any other kind of responsibility, Trump has built a life on projection language and deception, a walking human game of Three Card Monte.

Trump loves any scapegoat in a storm, because, and say it as loud as you can along with me:

Get someone else to do your homework for you. Get someone else to take those tests for you. Get your dad to get you out of Vietnam. Get your fanbase to pay your legal fees. It’s Same Grift, Different Day with this former guy.

Trump did a whole lot of bloviating in front of Republican donors on Saturday night in New Orleans (where they were probably so drunk on frozen White Russians HA HA HA see what I did? Yeah, they’re all compromised), just one night after Mike Pence told Republican donors that there was no place for Putin apologists in the GOP even though he’s taken up for the Russian dictator aplenty. Isn’t politics a HOOT?

Even though Republicans aren’t funny and nothing Trump “jokes” about is ever actually a joke (“Russia, if you’re listening…”), Trump told the room, โ€œNobody has ever been tougher on Russia than me,โ€ which you have to admit is HI-LAR-IOUS and–*checks earpiece* what’s that? Oh right, that’s not when Trump thought he was being funny, my bad–and then he “joked” about a solution to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that would probably just bring on World War III a whole lot faster, tee hee! Trump said (and be warned, every sentence in spoken and written history that begins with “Trump said/says” is immediately followed by some really dumb and probably also dangerous stuff) that the United States should put the Chinese flag on American F-22 jets and โ€œbomb the shit out of Russiaโ€ in retaliation for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He also bragged Putin would never on his watch: โ€œI knew Putin very well,โ€ Trump told the 250 grifted losers–sorry, DONORS. โ€œHe would not have done it. He would have never done it.โ€ OK, Puppet!

Just by the way, we’re not going to put stickers on planes and bomb Russia like we’re playing G.I. Joe in your bedroom at Mar-A-Lago, you overgrown unloved toddler. You might think a nuclear war would be super fun and exciting, but we really don’t.

Hurry up, everyone prosecuting Trump.




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