[COMMENTARY] Trump Rejecting New Debate Rules Just Helps Biden

People just can’t stop talking about Tuesday night’s fiasco of a first Presidential Debate. It was so excruciating to sit through, many were calling for an end to this year’s debates between the presidential candidates entirely. Others clamored for some basic changes to the debate rules in order to restore some semblance of order and dignity to the long-honored debate process. And while some wonder what the point of any more debates would be after what we all witnessed–Trump showed his true self, Biden came out ahead and most likely will stay ahead–so what would further debates show the remaining undecided voters except more of the same? The Biden campaign had already agreed to more debates Wednesday morning, and therefore the Debates Commission stepped up to the public outcry for them to make some new rules.

However, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said the non-partisan commission that organizes presidential debates is “biased” against Donald Trump, and criticized changes the group is considering for the next two events to limit the president’s interruptions, including a mute button.


The next Presidential Debate, scheduled for October 15th, will be a town-hall style moderated by C-SPAN anchor Steve Scully. Joe Biden is particularly strong in this setting, while Trump is not, and it could be that this new narrative is just a cover for Trump not wanting to face his own constituents in an area where he’s already at a disadvantage.

A mute button might not stop a bloviating Trump when he’s mid-tantrum, but if it’ll prevent him from showing up at all, what would happen? He doesn’t HAVE to debate Joe Biden, and if his campaign decides to play out this latest round of posturing by threatening to take their toys and go home, so be it. No one should indulge his demands or tantrums anymore. His volatile hostility will only increase the more he feels he’s losing, and trying to appease him is a lost cause. I never want to hear another moderator like Chris Wallace meekly coddle Trump by saying, “You like this next one, I promise!” like you would tell a toddler he’ll get his nummy ice cream if he just finishes his broccoli.

Trump is welcome to sit on his gold bed on October 15th and watch Joe Biden meet those voters, listen to their questions, and give them considerate, thoughtful answers. He’ll use all 90 of those minutes to win over the remaining undecideds in the audience before him, as well as the ones watching on TV.

And then he’ll win the election right then and there.

So go ahead and stay home, Donny. You won’t denounce white supremacy, you want to push a SCOTUS judge through even though election season has begun, and you won’t follow anyone’s rules if you decide you don’t like them, so we’ll just have a Biden Town Hall instead of another Presidential Debate.

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