[COMMENTARY] Trump May Not Accept Election Results

Fox News aired Chris Wallace’s exclusive interview with Donald Trump on Sunday morning, and while it’s already calling into question his mental capacities, it’s also sparking controversy regarding a question Wallace asked about the upcoming election in November.

Wallace presented a scenario in which Trump loses the election to Joe Biden. Would he accept the results?

True to his nature, Trump answered with a complete non-answer.

This is not the first time this particular question has been raised. And as we inch closer to Election Day, many are already planning for that eventuality.

Trump also ducked questions about the coronavirus and went on a racist rant after Wallace asked him a question regarding renaming the military bases that are currently named for Confederate heroes and other troublesome men from America’s past. “What, are we going to rename Fort Bragg after Reverend Al Sharpton?” Trump huffed to Wallace.

The interview set off shock waves all over social media, with one particular quote standing out. Challenged on his lack of a response to the Coronavirus, Trump went off the rails, yelling about testing and ultimately whining, “I’ll be right eventually.”

Chris Wallace is being praised for his calm tenacity while never backing down. More liberal journalists could take a lot of notes from this interview, where a simple pressing of the facts was enough to ignite a Trump tantrum. In daring to hold the man accountable for his actions, Wallace deftly exposed all of Trump’s fallibilities.

With his behavior becoming increasingly erratic, Democratic leadership should be prepared for the very real possibility they’ll have to call in the Joint Chiefs to formulate a military removal plan. Others hope that he would honor the results as stated by the Constitution. But as Republicans are quietly breaking ranks, it may not be the debacle so many are concerned about.

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