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[COMMENTARY] Trump Makes Gay Slur During Mar-A-Lago Fundraiser

[COMMENTARY] Trump Makes Gay Slur During Mar-A-Lago Fundraiser

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When Donald Trump first started talking about “Making America Great Again,” I got a very specific mental image of what he meant. Having grown up in the New York metro area in the 1970s and 80s, I knew Trump only as the chauvinist playboy from Liz Smith’s gossip column who owned casinos in Atlantic City where my parents would stay because the rooms were cheap and Joan Rivers often played there. But any photo or news clip of Trump would always elicit the same response from my mother: “Ucch, he just makes my skin crawl.” And my father, who was about as sharp as a marble when it came to all matters of business, nailed Trump with a blunt, “He’s a f*cking slumlord.”

Donald Trump wants this entire country to be one of his casinos circa 1981, when tough guys with huge shirt collars were essentially walking packs of Marlboro Reds chugging vodka gimlets while tossing around all kinds of derogatory terms for women and people of color with zero accountability. The Trump administration was essentially like if “Goodfellas” was staged at an amateur dinner theatre in Florida, probably on the panhandle where everyone’s genetic makeup is 90% meth and Mountain Dew.

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The macho posturing of that time also came with blatant homophobia, and in Tough Guy world, the only thing worse than having melanin in your skin is to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community (viewers of “The Sopranos” will back this up thanks to the downlow storyline). While bloviating at yet another griftfest disguised as a fundraiser for someone else at MAGA-Lago, Trump forgot he wasn’t sitting behind his desk at the Taj Mahal during the Carter Administration and slurred a gay man who called out to him during his “speech.” After someone shouted “Gays for Trump!” Trump then asked, “Where’s Gays for Trump?” After they responded, “We’re over here!” Trump looked in their direction and said, “You don’t look gay.” He then told the crowd, “We did great with the gay population,” while the crowd laughed.

“You don’t even look gay” is right up there with “You don’t even look Jewish,” which is something I’ve repeatedly heard as a Jewish person named Tara Dublin. If that had been me, I would’ve shot back something like, “Well, you don’t ever not look like a walking bucket of shit,” but I wasn’t invited. Also, making that comment in the “Don’t Say Gay” state just seems like pouring more salt on an open wound, but I guess you can’t feel the sting while floundering in the swamp full of cocaine that is Florida.


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In closing, allow me to make this point that I’ve been trying to make ever since the Orange Menace descended that gold escalator in 2015.

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