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[COMMENTARY] ‘TRUMP IS WRONG’ : Mike Pence Finally Says Those Three Little Words America Needed to Hear

[COMMENTARY] ‘TRUMP IS WRONG’ : Mike Pence Finally Says Those Three Little Words America Needed to Hear

Mike Pence holds Trump rally, a full months after the election.

Validation comes from unexpected sources at unexpected moments, and Americans got a great big dopamine hit on Friday when Former Vice President Mike Pence appeared before the Federalist Society, where he was expected to respond to his ex-employer’s continued insistence that the 2020 Presidential election could’ve been overturned in their favor. And respond Pence did, but it probably didn’t go the way most of the attendees expected, because Mike Pence said the most important quiet thing out loud after too many years of hearing it screamed inside of our own heads:


Yeah, he did! On camera! In public! It’s a thing of beauty, really and for true, after all of this time. Someone else said it. Someone else on the OTHER SIDE said it. It’s like we got a second Christmas just in time for Valentine’s Day.

You can watch it again, I wouldn’t blame you. I predict wonderful things for that three-word soundbite. We’re going to hear it everywhere. It’s going to make the rounds of all the news shows and the late-night talk shows and live as a GIF forever. It’s the gift we all needed after the RNC decided to censure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for having the audacity to do the jobs they were elected to do. Meanwhile, the schadenfreude was being enjoyed all over Twitter.

It seems an odd juxtaposition when Ronna “Trump Hates That I’m Related to Mitt Romney” McDaniel is defining the actions of the January 6th rioters as “legitimate political discourse” when the target of the “HANG MIKE PENCE” taunts is like, “Okay, stop this nonsense already.”

It’ll be interesting to see how TFG responds, because what can he say about Pence? He can’t just dismiss him as a coffee boy (DISCLAIMER: the below tweet is A PARODY, but it’s pretty spot-on because Trump is a huge whiny baby who’s terrified of all his criming catching up to him).

Here’s the real reality: TRUMP IS WRONG and he’s going to be big mad that the two words he never wanted to see next to his name are everywhere. Because they’re already everywhere.

This next one sets up a fairly awkward late afternoon at the Federalist Society.

It’s only a matter of time before Trump is standing alone like the worst hunk of rancid orange cheese. Nobody is saying Mike Pence is a great guy by any stretch here, but I’m looking forward to the Trumpublican reaction to Pence simply speaking the truth of how our elections (are supposed to) work.


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