[COMMENTARY] Trump Has Twitter Tantrum Over RNC Ratings, Niece’s Book


When Donald Trump has a bad day, he fires off a few whiny tweets and moves on to other targets. But when he has a bad week compounded by bad ratings and bad press, that leads to a full-on tweetstorm.

Welcome to Trump’s Saturday morning.

Despite his best efforts to mislead his fanbase, the Republicans tanked in the ratings in comparison to their Democratic counterparts. GOP Chairwomen Ronna McDaniel (who famously removed the “Romney” from her name because her new boss didn’t want to be reminded that her uncle is Mitt Romney) tweeted falsely inflated totals to support Trump’s lies of beating the Dems.

While Trump’s 70-minute speech did indeed bring in the highest ratings of the Republicans’ controversial convention, it still fell far short of Joe Biden’s acceptance speech the week before. The Biden campaign set a two-day record for fundraising after Kamala Harris was announced as his running mate, bringing in roughly $48 million.

Trump was also upset about the recent spate of books about him, including a tell-all by his niece, Mary Trump, and another from Bob Woodward. In typical Trump fashion, he slammed Woodward, calling him a “social pretender” even though Trump sat with Woodward for twelve separate interviews.

Mary Trump has also released audiotape discussions between herself and her aunt, Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry, that reveal deep Trump family secrets about the entire Trump family. Trump’s real personality is being revealed by people who know him best and are related to him less than two months before a critical presidential election.

Sure it is, Donny. Sure it is.


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