[COMMENTARY] Trump Has Raised $200 Million Since Losing to Biden. Where’s It Going?

The closer we get to Joe Biden’s inauguration, the more desperate Donald Trump becomes. He still hasn’t conceded the election, and although he finally did acknowledge the massive Russian hack on the Pentagon and our defense systems, he blew them off like he does whenever something happens with Russia. It’s astonishing that people are asking why Trump seems more beholden to Putin than to anyone in his own country, but anyone with even a casual knowledge of Trump’s shady past knows about his connections to the Russian mob in New York, as well as his business dealings in Russia. Even his son Eric famously said if they need money, they can always go to Russia. And yet the MAGA faithful echoes Trump’s misdirections, saying there’s nothing going on between Trump and Putin despite all of the glaringly obvious evidence to the contrary. They repeat his unverified claims about election fraud and continue to support him with their donations.

Since November 3, the “Donald J Trump for President” website has had a link at the top to donate to Trump’s Election Defense Fund. When you click on it, it goes to a fundraising page that reads: “President Trump needs YOU to step up to make sure we have the resources to protect the integrity of the Election!” Underneath it gives different amounts to donate to the official Election Defense Fund. Reports indicate that the Trump campaign has raised (grifted, might be a more accurate word) a whopping $200 million since then, and now that there’s no campaign to fund and Trump never refunds anyone any money ever, just what are they doing with all of that cash?

I'm a loser, says Trump quote on fake campaign site
[Screenshot via Donald Trump 2024/The Good Liars]
It was just revealed that Jared Kushner okayed the creation of a shell company to pay members of the Trump family millions of dollars, so it’s possible these new funds were just dumped there. Some did go to legal defense and recounts. However, a week after the election, they also said the money was going to pay the Trump campaign’s 2020 election debt. Since then, 75% of every small donation asking for money for the ‘Election Defense Fund’ has actually gone toward Trump’s new leadership PAC.

When does the criming finally end? Aside from his many illegal financial deals, he’s also responsible for mishandling the response to the coronavirus, with a body count that has surpassed 310,000 and will only continue to increase through the winter. We still don’t know everything this family and their supporters have done in the name of saving face. We can anticipate learning plenty once Trump leaves the White House and is free to be prosecuted in New York State. Maybe he’ll use that $200 million for his legal bills, although everyone should anticipate him doing everything possible to avoid prosecution because he knows a federal pardon won’t protect him.

Donald Trump is the living embodiment of the term “flight risk” This is why once again I call on House Judiciary Democrats to censure Trump before he can self-pardon and flee the country. He is the physical embodiment of the term “flight risk”, and therefore it’s essential that everything he’s ever done is entered into the historic record.

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