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[COMMENTARY] Trump Endorses Yet Another Candidate With Ties to Right-Wing Extremists

[COMMENTARY] Trump Endorses Yet Another Candidate With Ties to Right-Wing Extremists

Donald Trump is endorsing candidates he can influence to throw a monkey wrench into the 2022 midterms and dismantle the American voting system from within.

HillReporter has been following this trend for the last two months when this contributor interviewed Joe Kent, the Trump-anointed MAGA challenger to incumbent Jamie Herrera-Beutler in Washington State’s 3rd district. Kent is already calling for “a forensic audit” of an election that hasn’t yet taken place, while also co-sponsoring a lawsuit with Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson to challenge 2020 election results in three Washington State counties. Kari Lake, another Trump-endorsed challenger, has ties to Nazi sympathizers and QAnon.

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So it’s not at all surprising to learn Trump has now given his stamp of approval to another MAGA with ties to right-wing extremism. VICE is reporting that Trump officially gave the nod to Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin on Tuesday night over incumbent Idaho Republican Gov. Brad Little. Trump called her “a true supporter of MAGA since the very beginning,” in his latest move to put aggressively pro-Trump allies in charge of the GOP.

VICE reports that McGeachin is the perfect red meat candidate in a moment where it’s no longer good enough to be just another run-of-the-mill MAGA backer. She has close ties to Eric Parker, the well-known leader of the Real Three Percent of Idaho, an offshoot of the Three Percenter militia movement. In June, she happily accepted an endorsement from Parker, who thanked her for pledging to be a “friend” to the movement if she wins the governorship.

McGeachin is essentially Trump in a different form. VICE reports she’s also pushed COVID-19 denialism, appearing in an October 2020 video from the libertarian Idaho Freedom Foundation that said the pandemic “may or may not be occurring.”

Read more about MAGA McGeachin here.

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