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COMMENTARY: Trump Begins Farewell Tour at CPAC 2021

COMMENTARY: Trump Begins Farewell Tour at CPAC 2021

Question: what’s the difference between an Elvis farewell tour concert and Donald Trump’s speech at Sunday’s CPAC hate-fest in Orlando? Answer: only about 43 years.

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In both cases, audience members who probably paid more than they should have for a ticket into a packed venue for one last chance to hear the greatest hits from their idol. Neither Presley, nor Trump, disappointed. Just like the legendary musical star, Trump showed up extraordinarily late to his gig. The twice-impeached former president kept his sheep-ish cult followers masklessly waiting and breathing the same indoor pandemic air for more than an hour after his scheduled start time. Must have been a backup at the turn during his morning golf game in West Palm Beach.

When he did take the stage he didn’t have any new material for the audience, just like Elvis. His tired material was identical to his dozens of campaign speeches and the screed he delivered on the National Mall Jan. 6, inciting the insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol.

He started by accusing Joe Biden of corruption, even though he and his children are facing multiple criminal investigations over their actions during and before Trump was president. He continued to push the big lie, that he won the 2020 presidential election, and dog whistled to QAnon, claiming that he defeated the non-existent evil-doers who smuggled children, “dismantled the criminal cartels … greatly eliminated drug and human trafficking to a level that nobody thought was possible.”

Then there was more blah-blah-blah about how the Supreme Court didn’t have the guts to flip the election in his favor, renewed his hate against windmills (because they kill so many birds that he’s never expressed a love for), name-checked all of the Republicans who have spoken out against him (to which the crowd dutifully booed) and claimed that the endorsement of Donald Trump for a political candidate is “the most powerful asset in politics. Do you believe that?” Um, no.

Quite possibly the only true thing Trump uttered during his 90-minute performance was his admission that he routinely lied to leaders of other countries when promising them aid from the United States.

How satisfying and rewarding that must have been for those who bought tickets to the event and paid for airfare, hotels, meals, etc., to get stood up for an hour only to hear their hero basically admit the Ukraine quid-pro-quo was, in fact, his foreign policy standard operating procedure.

At least when Elvis was on his farewell tour he never admitted to an impeachable high crime or misdemeanor.

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