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[COMMENTARY] Trump Appoints Dubious Staffers to US Holocaust Memorial Council

[COMMENTARY] Trump Appoints Dubious Staffers to US Holocaust Memorial Council

When it became clear that Donald Trump had lost the 2020 Presidential election, pundits immediately began worrying about what he would do during his lame duck period. Aside from fighting the election results, it’s clear Trump is intent on leaving the biggest mess possible for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to clean up. But ruining everything isn’t enough for an embarrassed bully like Trump; he has to make his exit personally hurt as many people as he can, getting a twisted pleasure from exacting his final revenge.

Despite his daughter marrying into a Jewish family and converting to Judaism, Trump has never been a fan of the Jewish people and has never been shy about hiding it. He has always been a walking example of “ignore what they say, watch what they do”. And so while Trump can pay lip service regarding minorities in public, he’ll work to hurt them behind closed doors.

[Image via Andrew Giuliani/Twitter]
The United States Holocaust Memorial Council was established by Congress in 1980 to lead the nation in commemorating the Holocaust and to raise private funds for and build the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Once the Museum opened in 1993, the Council became the governing board of trustees of the Museum, an independent establishment of the United States government operating as a public-private partnership that receives some federal funding to support operations of the Museum building.

So it should shock absolutely no one that when it came time to appoint a staff to something so meaningful and important, Trump decided to throw his empty greasy Big Mac wrappers all over it. Trump chose the son of someone who spreads conspiracy theories about George Soros, as well as his own personal assistant, because he doesn’t care about Americans who died from the coronavirus, so of course, he doesn’t care about the Jews who died in the Holocaust. This is his way of telling everyone just how little he cares.

The full staff announcement came Wednesday afternoon, and we can anticipate more spiteful actions in the waning weeks of Trump’s reign of ineptitude.

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Andrew Giuliani’s only accomplishment is benefitting from nepotism, just like the Trump kids. Best known for ruining his father’s Mayoral inauguration before joining the Trump staff, Andrew Giuliani was just one of many White House staffers to contract COVID19. Another victim of the White House outbreak, Nicholas Luna, is Trump’s personal assistant who tested positive for the coronavirus in October. Julie Radford is Ivanka Trump’s Chief of Staff. And Mitch Webber has such a low profile that all a Google search uncovers is his LinkedIn profile.

The best people, said only the worst person ever. Like we can’t see what you’re doing, you giant baby.

Expect these and the other appointments announced by the White House to be undone by the Biden Administration as soon as possible.


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