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[Commentary] Travis Tritt Announces He’s Blocking #Resist Accounts And Everyone On Twitter Is Laughing

[Commentary] Travis Tritt Announces He’s Blocking #Resist Accounts And Everyone On Twitter Is Laughing

Travis Tritt blocks evryone

Travis Tritt, who had some country music hits in the 1990s, says that he’s being made irrelevant by the ‘resist’ movement, and so he would like to make resistors feel irrelevant too. To that end, he’s searching the #resist hashtag every day, and blocking twenty accounts a day. The widespread response to this activism on his part was laughter and mockery.

Travis Tritt blocks evryone
[Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Webster Public Relations]

If you’re ignoring someone to hurt their feelings or make them feel ignored and unheard, it’s probably most effective if the people you’re blocking have any idea who you are. Tritt seems to have skipped this step.

Travis Tritt blocks resist
[Screenshot via Travis Tritt/Twitter]

Instead, he and James Woods are each spending a portion of their day, every day, actively seeking out folks with ‘#resist’ in their profiles to block — stop and think about that a minute. Imagine trying to prove a group of people is irrelevant and unimportant by spending time every day thinking about them, seeking them out, and tweeting about them.

Also, he’s been doing this for a while.

Travis Tritt is blocking people but they don't care
[Screenshot via Travis Tritt/Twitter]

Twenty accounts, at least, per day, every day, for months. He doesn’t say how many months, but even if he’s talking about, say, three months, Tritt just boasted that he’s spent his time focusing on literally thousands of #resist activists — and isn’t anywhere near running out.

Thanks for letting the #resist movement know that you recognize it’s going strong, Mr. Tritt.

The other problem is that Tritt is blocking people who aren’t feeling the pain, because they weren’t exactly seeking out his tweets (although it seems he was looking for theirs) or his attention.

Nobody really seems too sad about the country singer’s blocking spree.

Also, everyone seems be amused that Tritt shares a name with the lake where a Trump Boat Parade experienced some turbulence, distress calls, and multiple sunken ships this weekend.

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Oh, and one more thing — it’s never a bad idea to practice what you preach.

If Travis Tritt feels irrelevant, maybe it’s not because of anti-Trump protestors, or Twitter banning posts that violate their terms and conditions. Maybe he’s just trying too hard to get noticed by people who have never heard of him.

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