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[COMMENTARY] Transphobic Homophobe Marjorie Taylor Greene Says ‘Straight People’ Will ‘Soon Be Extinct’

[COMMENTARY] Transphobic Homophobe Marjorie Taylor Greene Says ‘Straight People’ Will ‘Soon Be Extinct’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-Mar-A-Lago via Moscow) is one of the most hateful transphobic homophobes to ever be given a national platform for literally no reason. As she’s skating on fumes for the last few months of her only term (please please please, Georgia voters), Marge has never been returned to her Committee assignments, so she has nothing to do except spew hate on all the social media platforms available to her, plus video.

We all know Marge’s family tree is lacking several branches, or else how to explain her lack of basic human knowledge, like how to pronounce “Gestapo” and “Petri dish” or spell “martial law”? When she goes on her little internet show, which she seems to film in a closet somewhere close to a gun range, and whines about “straight people” becoming “extinct” because of the LGBTQ community, she’s knowingly pandering to the MAGA crowd. I know she believes it, and she doesn’t care who she hurts because the worst people love her for it.

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ICYMI, Marge is so dumb she thinks it’s called a “peach tree dish” because everything in Georgia is named Peachtree Something.

She also falsely claimed the Uvalde mass murderer was transgender, which isn’t true, but I think we’ve established that Marge and the truth aren’t friends.

If you enjoy hurting an already marginalized community, there’s something inherently wrong with you. I’d love to know how someone else’s gender identity is hurtful to this awful useless seditious gun groomer.


As a lifelong ally who’s always understood that the LGBTQ community is here to make our ugly world as beautiful as possible, it infuriates me to see anyone discredit them. It’s just unconscionable when a sitting member of Congress is doing it. Hate speech is unacceptable. Marginalizing human beings is unacceptable. Marjorie Taylor Greene is stupid, but she’s also dangerous, so the fact that she’s getting away with anything is also unacceptable. Hurry up, DOJ.


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