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[COMMENTARY] Those Who Accept Reality, and Those Who Don’t

[COMMENTARY] Those Who Accept Reality, and Those Who Don’t

In case you haven’t heard, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made history on November 7, 2020, when the election results were called for their ticket, and victory was declared. Ahead of the election, pundits had worked overtime to predict just how Team Trump would respond in the face of an obvious defeat, especially when it would take days to get a real vote tally thanks to the record number of mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus epidemic. Those of us who live on Earth One (as Rachel Maddow so often calls it) watched the numbers in real time and saw Biden and Harris rise in vote tallies while Trump and Pence stalled out.

Of course, we anticipated they would falsely claim victory too soon, cry foul and make accusations of fraud, and spin like no over has ever spun before. And while many expected Trump to never publicly acknowledge a loss–it’s just common polite courtesy to make a concession speech and call one’s opponent, and we know Trump is an oaf with zero social graces–it’s unlikely anyone could have seen a full-on obstruction of the peaceful transition of power that comes with every administration’s end.


But since this administration has never behaved like any other before it, why would anyone expect them to change now that they know they’re on their way out? A cornered animal only fights for its freedom harder once it knows it’s trapped, so no one should be surprised to see Team Trump working overtime to twist the truth into a lie. Trump fears prosecution in New York State, so he needs to pretend he’ll have four more years of protection from that.

When both the Secretary of State and a senior advisor are talking about “the Second Trump Administration”, it’s not just appeasing Trump’s delusions, it endangers the country. As of Friday, the transition of power was still being held up by Emily Murphy, who has yet to release the nearly $10 million set aside for the incoming Biden Administration to get themselves ready to work on January 20, 2021. There is a major effort to get Murphy to do her job, while Trumpers are about to take to the streets for something they’re calling the “Million MAGA March” so that everyone can see what mass delusion and denial looks like in human form.

Cult 45 choosing to remain in a state of denial is one thing; having their collective denial embraced by people who are elected officials in the United States government is just profoundly disturbing on so many levels. Only four GOP Senators are openly calling Joe Biden “President-Elect”. There are literally American citizens calling for secession. The same people who told Democrats to “get over” Hillary’s loss in 2016 are now acting butt hurt if you dare suggest they take their own advice.

So where does this leave us as a country as we face the last weak weeks of this painfully inept one-term, impeached for life legitimate loser? When this is the messaging that MAGA is still getting, what are those who live in reality supposed to do?

All we can do is remind people that math doesn’t lie. The numbers are the numbers. There is no evidence of any election fraud; this is the most secure election in our nation’s modern history. Trump’s own legal team is slowly backing away from the many lawsuits they’ve been strewing all over the country to stop vote counts or get recounts. More Republicans are voicing concerns about the Biden Administration not getting the clearances it needs to protect the nation’s security. John Bolton has also added his influential voice to the chorus of those telling the GOP to face the reality of the Biden win. We’ll get there if the truth keeps rising to the top of everyone’s Twitter feeds.

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And if that doesn’t work, let this New Yorker talk to the guy that was run out of New York.

Trump may accept that he didn’t win the election, but don’t ever expect a public concession. At most, he’ll focus on the people who did vote for him, the states he won, the meager Electoral College votes he collected. There will be the remaining faithful who’ll feed his delusions in the hopes of getting a Presidential pardon, tweeting about fraud and rigging for the next four years.

But staying angry is exhausting. They may march this weekend, but don’t expect the masses to stay motivated to keep marching. They’re going to watch their hero fall and fall hard. It may be a long, slow, painful fall, but they’ll watch in disbelief that they were actually wrong about their Dear Leader.

Let’s try to not enjoy that when it finally happens. Well, not too much, anyway.

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