[COMMENTARY] ‘They Called Me Nazi Barbie’ And Twitter Went Nuts

If you’re a Twitter user wondering why “Nazi Barbie” was trending late Tuesday night and well into Wednesday, you weren’t alone. With so many blondes in the Trump orbit and so many amateur pundits out there, it was hard to guess at first just whom the trend was about. But soon enough, the obvious contender emerged, and to no one’s surprise, it was the walking Streisand Effect herself, Tomi Lahren.

Lahren, who rose to prominence during the 2016 election cycle, has tried to position herself as the Jane Pauley of the Right but ended up as its female Pauly Shore. Twitter users love to call her by any name but her own and yours truly is no different (my current favorites are Taco Lampshade and Tampon Lambada).

Tomi Lahren attacks Black Lives Matter
[Photo by Michael Schwartz/Getty Images]
Toyota Lapdance learned early on how to push all the right buttons to become human Twitter clickbait, gaining a reputation for being one of the platform’s foremost insta-blockers along with Scott Baio, James Woods, and Seb Gorka (full disclosure: she insta-blocked me in 2016 when I called her Tapioca Lemonade or something like that). Since being terrible gets way more clicks than being a decent patriot/human being, Tamara Lollipop has said some amazingly terrible things. For example, she recently said Joe Biden “might as well carry a purse” because of his decision to wear a face mask.

Yeah, she’s that kind of terrible-on-purpose. The act she acts is wearing thin, though. Tupelo Langoustine went on Fox News Radio on Monday and told host Jimmy Failla (who is not Jimmy Fallon or even close to being anything like Jimmy Fallon) that she had a run-in with some “liberals” over the weekend. First, she said these things:

“I had a girl from the sixth floor of an apartment complex try to throw eggs at me. Of course, being a liberal, she’s not super athletic. So she missed me.

“But yes, she tried to throw eggs at me.”

It’s not clear how she could tell that the woman egging her, six floors up, was a “liberal” because I know some super liberal female soccer players who could bean Toupee Lightsaber from 100 yards away. But that’s how Trashcan Loophole rolls, she knows all the rightwing buzzwords to use.

Then Taproot Lagoon went on to claim: “I had a grown man with a cigarette in hand and a mask on his face telling me once again that I’m ‘Nazi Barbie’ and telling me that I dance on the graves of Native Americans.”

Twitter looooved that one. Because we can’t lie, it’s kinda true. Well, maybe not the dancing part, only because we can’t technically prove it. But the Barbie and the Nazi, that’s just magical stuff. That was a gift directly from Tallulah Lunchroom to all of us. While it’s not the first time someone’s referred to a bottle blonde Trumpergirl as “Nazi Barbie” (Ivanka, Kellyanne, Megyn, Kayleigh etc), it’s still delightful to listen to them say it themselves and then help perpetuate it into the pop culture news cycle for a day and a half.

So congrats, Topdown Luncheonette. You just keep clinging to those fifteen minutes of infamy. We’ll be over here laughing because someone as terrible as you always brings out the very best of Twitter.

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