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[COMMENTARY] There Have Been 200 Mass Shootings in “MAGAMurica’ and It’s Only Mid-May

[COMMENTARY] There Have Been 200 Mass Shootings in “MAGAMurica’ and It’s Only Mid-May

I wrote about three mass shootings yesterday. Now I have to write about at least three more.

By the time I’m finished with this draft, a fourth might be added, who knows? It’s MAGAMurica now, where young white men are taken into police custody without incident after murdering ten people who chose to go grocery shopping at the wrong time.

One person was shot and killed outside the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles Saturday night. Police are still seeking the shooter in that incident. Late Sunday, it was reported that two people were dead and three others were hurt from a shooting at a crowded Houston flea market. That shooting appeared to stem from an altercation between five men, according to the sheriff’s office.

But wait, it gets worse. Multiple people were shot Sunday at a church in Southern California, authorities said. One person died and at least four were injured. I repeat, this happened INSIDE OF A CHURCH. That shooter has been taken into custody. And I’ll just say that my atheism feels extra justified at the moment.

Tell me more about your “good guy with a gun” theory. Tell me how “open carry” makes sense. Explain to me why an 18-year-old graduate of the Hitler Youth drove across state lines to specifically slaughter Black people is justified, but you can’t allow a person to make a medical decision about that unviable clump of cells in their uterus.

In what’s become known as the “Kyle Rittenhouse Effect,” young white men raised on the internet and hate from their parents can easily get an AR-15, cross state lines, and murder people in cold blood. Kyle got away with it, these young white men think, and then write their own manifestos based on centuries of white supremacy filtered through modern pop culture. They’ve studied other mass shootings before committing their own, to make sure theirs stands out. But what they don’t realize is how easily they can be forgotten, even if they kill ten people in a grocery store on a Saturday morning.

Around this time last year, the U.S. had experienced a similar number of mass shootings: also about 10 a week. No big deal, says the GOP still hooked on that blood money from the gun lobby. Thoughts and prayers and whatever, right?

MAGAmurica isn’t what the Founders had in mind, no matter what an 18-year-old white kid raised on hate speech and Trump rallies says. Vigilantism isn’t supposed to be the law of the land. We must have the same kind of restrictions on guns as other countries do, because THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN ANY OTHER COUNTRIES.


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