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[COMMENTARY] The Trumpublican Self-Publishing Racket Rakes in $20 Million Off Trump’s Coffee Table Book

[COMMENTARY] The Trumpublican Self-Publishing Racket Rakes in $20 Million Off Trump’s Coffee Table Book

I’ve written extensively about what I’ve dubbed the “Republican publishing racket,” where Simon & Schuster essentially launders money for the RNC right out there in the open while actually talented writers with a kickass novel are out here trying to get noticed (I may be getting very specific). But what’s a disgraced former guy to do when he’s got empty coffers and lawyers to pay, but nobody wants to publish a whole bunch of propaganda and lies disguised in the shape of a coffee table book?

You get your kid to play Publisher for you, if you’re Donald “If I Cover My Eyes You Can’t See Me” Trump.

The digital version should really come with a sad trombone sound when you download it

A longtime Republican operative founded “Winning Team Publishing” to publish the book, and his lone partner in the company is Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s oldest son. To date, this is the only book they have published. That’s not suspect at all. I’m sure it’s totes legit and the IRS has already received their cut, ahahahaha no. But it’s cute how they’re trying to pretend they’re doing anything except more grifting and criming.


CNN reported that the book deal happened without fanfare–unusual for Trump, who expects applause for walking through the dining room of his own club–but has raised a whopping $20 million already thanks to the special signed editions that were sold for $230 each. Unsigned copies were a mere $75. And what did the MAGA Brain Trust, who usually ain’t much for books unless they’re burning them, get for their latest grifted “contribution”? A whole lot of “I didn’t lose” propaganda, according to CNN: “Part of the book’s popularity among Trump’s base is the captions, all of which he wrote himself, and most of which feature unbridled hot takes on his political enemies.” Ah yes, the “he talks like me” thing. I’m sure there are more pictures than words in this enduring piece of literature.

Right about now, the people who shelled out that money are busy ignoring the painful truth of Mike Pence saying TRUMP IS WRONG out loud, so maybe they’ll forget about this grift to attack Pence, which is–shocker!–what King Baby wants anyway. The master of distraction, the sleight-of-hand, the “don’t watch what I’m doing, just keep letting the sound of my cranky voice lull you into a state of complacency. Thanks, that’ll be $75”.

I’ll just keep sharing this description I wrote about Trump in the hopes that some cult deprogrammer can use it to finally break the spell over Cult 45:

Trump DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. Trump cares about money. Trump will look you in the eye and smile at you while stealing your tip for the server off of the table after dinner. You’re paying his legal fees into the millions and he wouldn’t give you a nickel to do a scratch-off Lotto ticket. Trump would walk over the bodies of his kids to escape a burning building and then blame them for starting the fire. Trump isn’t a Christian. He’s a Trumpian. He only cares about himself, and if he has to pretend he cares about anyone else, it looks like it physically hurts him.


If you want a book about Donald Trump written by a Trump, may I suggest this one instead:

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 14: Mary Trump’s new book about U.S. President Donald Trump is on display at a book store on July 14, 2020 in the Brooklyn borough in New York City. Although President Trump litigated to stop the release of his niece’s tell-all book, a New York Supreme Court ruled it could be published. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)


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