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[COMMENTARY] The MAGA Cult Goes Full White Supremacist at CPAC

[COMMENTARY] The MAGA Cult Goes Full White Supremacist at CPAC

CPAC is even more of a hot mess this year than usual, because the MAGA people are having a tough time picking a lane and staying in it. Do they support Putin or nah? Are they vaccinated or leading anti-vax chants? Do they openly align with Trump or are they putting some distance between themselves and his touch of death? Are they Democrats disguised as Republicans? Let’s unpack some of this Qrazy, shall we?

Imagine all of your grade school bullies assembled in one place with no one to fact-check them, that’s essentially CPAC. It’s also fun to make up different meanings for CPAC, like Compromised Puppets Acting Crazy. Remember when they painted an old Bart Simpson statue gold to make it look like Trump, but they didn’t fix the feet? This is the level of intelligence we’re working with, and it brings me no joy to remind you so much of it is literally inside the House.

A statue of Donald Trump is pictured at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, U.S. February 26, 2021. [REUTERS/Octavio Jones]
All of the Whitest Kids U (Don’t Want to) Know are doing extra treasons along with their hate speeches in Florida this weekend, including Nick “Our Secret Sauce Is Young White Men” Fuentes. Strangely, “surprise guest” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) was also there (I mean, it’s not like she had any work to do) and told reporters she didn’t know Nick Fuentes at all but then she was onstage with him soon after that. There’s so much lying going on, Madge can’t keep them all straight. Receipts:

If you did Nazi this kind of rhetoric coming, you haven’t been paying attention.

But wait! Fuentes did more antisemitisms!

And also this.

There was a lot more “Because Florida” type behavior going on along with the right-wing rhetoric, deadly COVID misinformation, and QAnon Qidiocy, and they haven’t even hit the keynote yet. It’s enough to make a smart person’s brain cry. This is why we need to be louder than the stupid people, I beg of you all.

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