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[Commentary] The Lies About Hunter Biden Are Only Getting More Ridiculous; The Sources Less Reliable

[Commentary] The Lies About Hunter Biden Are Only Getting More Ridiculous; The Sources Less Reliable

Hunter Biden slandered

Could there be a less reliable source for “news” about a presidential candidate’s son than emails on a mysteriously abandoned laptop routed through his opponent’s lawyer? It turns out the answer is yes. Could anyone come up with a lie more unbelievable than an email “proving” that there was a secret meeting between the candidate and foreign operatives, when the candidate’s team has released information making it clear that his schedules show such a meeting couldn’t have happened? That’s unfortunately a yes too.

Hunter Biden slandered
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With the election already in progress, and the final day of voting barely two weeks away, the disinformation campaign has hit a fever pitch. Now verified social media accounts are amplifying unverified information passed through hyperpartisan hands from unnamed and unverified sources.

Wayne Allyn Root, who is a self-described ‘conservative warrior’ and is a very ardent Trump supporter, tweeted claims that there are videos on Hunter Biden’s laptop showing him abusing children. He alleges that these claims come to him through an anonymous source.


Let’s be clear: Bill Barr’s Justice Department just closed its (politicized) investigation into the Biden family, quietly, without any charges. It was only after the authorities to whom the storied laptop was allegedly handed over found absolutely nothing on Joe Biden, that Rudy Giuliani pushed the New York Post to publish the material. According to NY Mag, the sourcing and material was so trashy the reporter refused to have his byline on the stories.

If the laptop had truly been verifiable as belonging to Joe Biden’s son, and there had been anything like what is claimed in it — child abuse or corruption — there’s no chance that the Justice Department, under the eye of one of Trump’s nearest allies, a man whose job the president has threatened if he doesn’t come up with an excuse to jail Trump’s political enemies — would have allowed the investigation to close without either charges or a public release.

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Moreover, if there were videos of Biden abusing children, would Rudy Giuliani’s political hit job really have only focused on the fake corruption emails, instead of these videos? Would Trump’s attorney have passed up an opportunity to tweet clips, if they existed? The New York Post has claimed there’s video of Hunter engaged in sex acts with an adult woman, but they have neither published evidence of this, nor made any claims about videos of child abuse. Can anyone honestly believe that such videos would be kept under wraps, while similar unverified claims have gone viral?

It all smells like the same Q-Anon stories that have already flourished — such as the Comet Pizza rumor that resulted in a pizza shop being terrorized by a man with a gun, who hoped to rescue children he’d heard were being abused in the basement, which the shop doesn’t actually even have. Anything conspiracy theory this far out should be treated as a pure smear and an act of defamation, when presented without evidence.

The lies are already getting more outrageous, and with two weeks to go, and Trump polling very poorly, America can expect still worse to come before November 3.

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