[COMMENTARY] The Latest Boebert Backlash

Another day, another chance for Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) to say something really dumb without backing it up with any facts or proof.

On Saturday, Boebert decided to play the reverse racism card by tweeting that white people were being denied the COVID19 vaccines. I can’t think of anything white people are denied in this country, but ol Squeaky Boebert isn’t really known for putting a lot of thought into what she says.

(Photo by JASON CONNOLLY/AFP via Getty Images)

Boebert tweeted this obtuse missive Saturday morning: “Denying vaccine access to White people doesn’t make you woke, it makes you racist.”

Um, what now? Literally, no one is being “denied” access to the vaccines, which are now available to all Americans. While there have been reports that vaccine providers aren’t seeing as many people coming in for their shots as was hoped (thanks, anti-vaxxers and Republicans!), Boebert was trying to create a racial controversy where none exists, because facts never matter to the willfully obtuse Qrazy Qidiots like Klannie Oakley over here.

Happily, Twitter never lets her off the hook for a moment.

It doesn’t help that Boebert was pushing anti-vaxxer propaganda even before the vaccines were available, calling getting vaccinated a “choice” that’s up to the individual.

Boebert hasn’t let up on her anti-Joe Biden crusade at all, claiming the President is trying to “cancel” the 4th of July when he merely asked Americans to keep their celebrations small and safe. She just loves playing up the right-wing talking point decrying Democrats for “taking away” freedoms that no one is actually taking away.

Boebert has clearly learned the art of Twitter attention whoring from her fellow Qidiot Marjorie Taylor Greene. 


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