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[COMMENTARY] Terrified Republicans Try to Control the Truth By Dropping Out of Official Presidential Debates

[COMMENTARY] Terrified Republicans Try to Control the Truth By Dropping Out of Official Presidential Debates

The Republican Party might as well change its mascot from an elephant to either an ostrich or those Hear/See/Speak monkeys, because they’ve now become the Party of Truth Avoidance where they refuse to listen to the facts right in front of them, regardless of the subject:

Body autonomy for people with a uterus? No thanks, we’re all about control without information!
The truth about America’s full-on racist past? NOPE! All white is still alt-right!
Voting rights for all eligible Americans? HELLZ NO, they’d vote for Democrats!
Acknowledging you lost the 2020 Presidential election?

So when the news broke on Thursday that the GOP as a whole unanimously chose to withdraw from the official Presidential Debates, my first thought was what happened in 2016 when they let Trump speak for himself.

And it didn’t go well for them in 2020, obvs.

So of course Ronna “Don’t Call Me Romney, Donny Doesn’t Like It” McDaniel and the rest of the reality deniers are fine with just not having an official debate, maybe so they can ask Charlie Kirk and Nick Fuentes to moderate something at MAGA-Lago instead.

The GOP is now Gobs of Propaganda. The only truth they care about is the one they’re hiding, and they do NOT want anyone asking them about it. If they’re going to call the non-partisan Commission of Presidential Debates “biased” and want their own place to throw around propaganda language along with their own feces, I can’t think of a better place than Trump’s Florida bunker. Go echo in your chambers together, see how that turns out when voters literally see you trying to control and rewrite American history. Maybe it really is time to let them all secede and become the United Clumps of Floridatexastan, because it really sounds like they want to live in a lawless wasteland full of unwanted hungry kids, because if they’re doing this now, imagine how much worse it’s going to get before we hit November 2024.

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