[COMMENTARY] Ted’s Trending Trifecta of HashTags on Twitter

Ted Cruz has given Twitter so many reasons to drag him, it’s almost as if he spends more time figuring out how to get hate-clicks than taking care of his constituents (just kidding, Tedward: we know you do). So it’s no surprise that by the end of any given week, Cruz has been ratio’d and rightfully dragged for something he did or tweeted without really putting a whole lot of thought into the repercussions.

This week ends on another low note for one of the 175 who voted against the January 6th Commission. Friday saw not one, but two trends thrashing Teddy C.  The hashtag #CancunCruz resurfaced early on Friday to not-so-gently remind him and everyone else how he abandoned his frozen state for sunnier climes and warmer temperatures during the worst winter storm in a decade.

[Photo by MEGA/GC Images]
Clueless #TurdCruz had to go and make it worse for himself Thursday and Friday by doubling down on his comments about Democrats “emasculating” our military and turning them into “pansies”. Cruz even whined about “lefty blue checkmarks losing their minds” over his rude comments as if he wasn’t pushing buttons on purpose. “Pansies”, from a sitting Senator in 2021? How is that even close to being acceptable?

So then #TedCruzSyndrome started trending, which occurs when you’re really awful and smug and you no longer care that everyone knows you’ve ceded ownership of whatever’s left of your manhood to the guy who called your wife a dog and said your dad killed JFK. Like, all of that is fine, but don’t ever tell Ted Cruz he’s ‘canceled’ or something, that would just be the end of society as we know it.

But hey, go tell it on Russian TV, #KremlinCruz, because the more hashtags we can throw at you, the more the truth about how awful you are stays at the top of the news cycle.

And while we may never reach the same heights as the famous Twitter feud with Seth Rogen (Cruz may blast “lefty blue checkmarks”, but he won’t interact with any if they haven’t starred in movies he used to like, apparently), plenty of us can still shred Ted to a fine powder on any given day with any of the hashtags floating around, because they all work on any given day.

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