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[COMMENTARY] Ted Cruz Has a ‘Ridiculously Fun Day’ While Uvalde Parents Bury Their Kids

[COMMENTARY] Ted Cruz Has a ‘Ridiculously Fun Day’ While Uvalde Parents Bury Their Kids

Ted Cruz attacks military

I’m pretty sure Jim Jordan only hangs out with Ted Cruz to make himself look a little less terrible, because Ted Cruz is truly the absolute worst of the worst worst.

There’s no reason to mince words when it comes to Cruz, who has about 20 different sides of his mouth to spew his hate from. One minute he’s being all faux-sincere about the massacre in Uvalde, then he heads out to dinner and plays the victim while rightly being screamed at by one of his constituents. There’s also the smarmy ooze you can actually feel settling into the base of your neck if you ever call his office and hear his loathsome toady voice on his outgoing message. In all of the years that I have occasionally hate-dialed those publicly available digits, there has never once been a human being on the other end. Of course no one wants to work for him. And it also makes total sense that Ted Cruz is a straight-to-VM kind of avoider, which I’m sure is just another thing his family hates about him.

Gah. [Photo by Davidoff Studios/Getty Images]
Cruz is continuing to do his usual whole lot of nothing about anything while whining about everything. Republicans never have solutions or take any real action, so to expect anything but the worst behavior from them is to set yourself up for plenty of disappointment and hostility. Ted Cruz hasn’t departed for Cancun, but he certainly isn’t attending any funerals in Uvalde, neither. And we know this because he told us so.

That’s right, Ted Cruz was playing Texas Hold ‘Em while parents in Uvalde will never hold their own kids again. But Ted also knows that he’s not welcome in Uvalde. He’s afraid of getting booed like Greg Abbott did, because hoo boy, does Greg Abbott deserve to get booed.

Remember, every day is a great day to tell Ted Cruz how terrible he is.

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