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[COMMENTARY] Team Trump Sinks to New Lows with Biden Attacks

[COMMENTARY] Team Trump Sinks to New Lows with Biden Attacks

Nobody was expecting the Trump campaign to engage in intellectual political discourse or take the high road when it came to their ads or their messaging regarding Joe Biden. But the members of Team Trump seem determined to create a new low for both social media and humanity with a recent spate of attacks on Biden’s character in the wake of the explosive article in The Atlantic that revealed Trump’s true disdain for the American military both past and present. While Trump immediately denied the details and went on the offense (he has even called for his base to dox a part owner of the publication), the story was vetted by political insiders and several news organizations, including Fox News.

But the Trump devoted will continue to lie and obfuscate for him, even if it means denigrating a veteran while they’re at it. Rush Limbaugh defended Trump, calling Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece “a distraction” from the small controversy set off when Nancy Pelosi got a haircut. Clearly Goldberg had been researching long before Pelosi stepped through the door of that salon, but Team Trump also enjoys their revisionist history.

A boat is engulfed in waves from the large wakes of a flotilla of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, during a boat parade on Lake Travis near Lakeway, Texas, U.S. September 5, 2020. Bob Daemmrich via REUTERS NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES. MANDATORY CREDIT

Over the weekend, Team Trump held a disastrous boat parade on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Rather than take responsibility as Twitter had a field day (#Dumbkirk was a top trend), the team decided to focus on Joe Biden instead, because any distraction is a good distraction when you’re desperate.

While Donald Trump golfed his way through another weekend where at least 2000 Americans died from the Coronavirus, Joe Biden attended Sunday services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church in Wilmington, Delaware, and then visited a nearby cemetery to visit the graves of his deceased children and late first wife. Biden was trailed by reporters who asked for a statement. But Biden, who rightly deserves the ability to grieve privately, simply waved at the press and continued on his way.

This was just too much for the members of Team Trump, who have no concept of human grief or suffering.

The response to Brennan was universally damning, creating one of the larger ratios on a tweet in Twitter history.


The GOP’s rapid response director, Steve Guest, also got in on the trashing, tweeting a clip of Biden from a year ago. However, true to form, it actually helps Biden, rather than hurting him.

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Ending fossil fuels is a GOOD thing, but this is Team Trump, after all. Expect the attack ads to only go lower as we get closer to November 3rd.


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