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Commentary: Team Trump Has Turned On Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell

Commentary: Team Trump Has Turned On Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell

Donald Trump and his supporters don’t have much patience for people they see as having abandoned the former president, including those who didn’t support his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. This currently includes Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr — who under the Trump Administration were, respectively, Senate Majority Leader and Attorney General.

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Trump praised Bill Barr for such actions as dropping a case against Michael Flynn, and intervening to reduce the prison sentence for Roger Stone. However, when Barr didn’t act to help overturn the election, Trump reversed course. Now he’s attacking Barr, playing up a letter from a former U.S. attorney who is prepping for a political campaign.

There’s a lot to this, and Washington Post has a thorough and excellent analysis, but to sum it up in short, William McSwain says he heard allegations of voter fraud and passed them on to the Justice Department, but was told not to make public statements or press releases. He doesn’t elaborate on what the allegations were, and it’s being promoted as though this is a dark sinister story proving a cover-up — when in reality, it’s quite empty.

Matt Gaetz echoed Trump’s twist of the story Tuesday, sharing an article via Todd Starnes and declaring that “this happened” to other attorneys too.

It’s not clear what the “this” is that happened — other than someone being told not to broadcast allegations that hadn’t been investigated.

Still, Trump, Gaetz, and others in the MAGA camp are inflating it into a full-blown conspiracy.

Then there’s Mitch McConnell. Of course, we’ve all heard the rumors that he and Trump never really liked each other at all, but what we know for certain is that for four years, they pursued many of the same political goals. Then, Trump lost and McConnell didn’t defend him. Now McConnell has been said to blame Trump for losing the Senate majority for Republicans, and Trump has openly attacked McConnell over the election.

McConnell hopes to regain his position as Senate Majority Leader — and Trump’s spokesperson is on Twitter, rallying his supporters to fight against this ever happening.

Of course, there are others Trump has turned on, a long list, including everyone from Michael Cohen to Jeff Sessions. The question is whether there are any conclusions that the people currently in Trump’s circle — politicians like Gaetz, who vocally aligns himself with Trump but barely seems to have registered the ex-president’s notice; his current legal team; and all those seeking his endorsement for their own political campaigns — might want to draw from this, any cautions they might want to consider.

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