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[COMMENTARY] Taking a Page From the Former Guy, Greene Trumps Up Myth As ‘Successful Businesswoman’

[COMMENTARY] Taking a Page From the Former Guy, Greene Trumps Up Myth As ‘Successful Businesswoman’

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Republican star, says Donald Trump

Of the many fallacies she puts out into the world, Marjorie Taylor Greene has worked the hardest to maintain the myth that she’s a successful businesswoman. A graduate of the University of Georgia (as did the writer of this article, although we didn’t attend at the same time), Greene has a construction business she inherited from her father that she lives off of without really putting any real work into it. Sound like anyone else she’s modeled her entire political career on?

Marjorie wants to be the female Trump so badly, she repeats his every last talking point as her own. So it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the “successful businesswoman” flex was just a shrewd political move, according to a new profile in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Marjie Greene says there's a chance to overturn the election
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Look at Marj being all attention-seeky with Uncle Daddy back before she was really on our radar.

Anyway, according to the AJC, Greene’s campaign pumped up her “experience helping run a family-owned construction business” as preparing her to carry out her agenda. She enhanced this storyline in video ads and on social media with images that promoted her as a “hands-on problem solver” and big deal “construction executive”. But it turns out she was barely ever there, letting her cuckold husband, Perry, handle most of the day-to-day so she could train for CrossFit competitions on the millions of dollars the company was earning.

By the time she was officially campaigning for Congress, she had also added “QAnon MAGA Gun Lover” to her resume as well as the whole construction company deal. Plus she had entered into a partnership to buy a gym despite having no experience running a gym, mainly because she was CrossFitting her partner in a very special way, if you catch my meaning. Also, while claiming to believe “the government should be run like a profitable customer-focused business”, her company has a history of profiting off taxpayer-subsidized affordable housing. Because believing in the QAnon Qrazery just wasn’t terrible enough. And now more of her are trying to get where she is.


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Marjorie Taylor Greene will keep on Trumping until she’s inevitably removed from Twitter like her beloved Dear Leader was. It’s only a matter of time, considering she tweets at least one suspendable thing a day. For now, we’ll just keep exposing all of the awful things about her. Like this hot mess.

Read the full AJC piece here, it’s got plenty of ammo for AOC to use against Marj in that “debate” they’ll probably never have.

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