[COMMENTARY] Steve Schmidt Tweetstorm Warns of ‘Profoundly Dangerous’ MAGA 2024

Former Republican campaign consultant and OG Never Trumper Steve Schmidt warned that Donald Trump and his rabid followers are still “profoundly dangerous” and that his enablers will seek to make sure he’s the Republican Party presidential candidate in 2024.

Schmidt wrote a lengthy thread on Twitter Saturday morning outlining just how the Trump faithful would ensure the Former Guy would return to the White House despite those pesky federal charges against the Trump Organization (with more on the way), the impending prosections in Fulton County, and the fact that just not enough of them showed up to vote for him in 2020.

Math, schmath, say the MAGA faithful. We want a do-over, count it again. No, again. And again (repeat 60 times).

None of the truth of the reality we live in matters. None of the genuinely real legal charges against the Trump family are considered. Watching members of Trump’s inner circle repeatedly run into legal issues like having to post a $250 million bond to get out of jail for a weekend until their sentencing doesn’t matter because Dear Leader is innocent.

It’s astonishing how the MAGA minions are able to keep drinking the Kool-Aid while their heads are planted so deeply and firmly in the sand. Admitting defeat means admitting the truth, and they just can’t do that. Even the most hardcore Hillary Clinton voters knew when it was time to stop looking back at the 2016 election and start focusing on making Trump a one-term guy. Here on Earth One, as Rachel Maddow so rightly has dubbed it, we’d love to relax into the idea that the GOP nominee in 2024 will be Anyone But Trump.

Those who were astonished at the rise of MAGA shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve stubbornly refused to go away, much like their Dear Leader, who continues to act as though his office in his New Jersey golf club is the Oval Office ($10 says he’s got it tricked out just like the Oval, down to the empty desk where no real work was ever done).

But Steve Schmidt speaks fluent Republican and has an eye on Earth Two, where Trump never left office and overt racism is the currency of the land. Even after all this time watching Trump expertly employ his grifting expertise on an unsuspecting and unquestioning group happily unwilling to learn facts, it’s still hard to wrap your brain around the idea that these people either don’t know they’re being grifted ($75 million for…what, exactly?) or they know and they don’t care, because at least their money never went to the libruls.

Read Steve’s excellent thread in full, which makes some sense of the senseless, below.

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