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[COMMENTARY] Spiteful Petty Trump Deliberately Appoints Underqualified Loyalists to Govt Jobs

[COMMENTARY] Spiteful Petty Trump Deliberately Appoints Underqualified Loyalists to Govt Jobs

Donald Trump is a narcissistic bully, and when narcissistic bullies are handed an embarrassing public loss, they retaliate by trying to hurt as many people as they can all at once. He’s already walking away from a huge mess he spent four years making, so now as he pretends he hasn’t lost the election, he’s going to make us all pay for making him look foolish. A typical ritual abuser, Trump’s every move until January 20th will be the equivalent of “I didn’t have to do this, but you made me hit you”.

Donald Trump is also a scared petty spiteful coward, and when scared petty spiteful cowards are cornered, they never go down alone. He isn’t going to take one for the team, he’s going to point every tiny finger at everyone else he can and bring as many others down with him as possible. But he’s also going to make sure anyone he can’t personally hurt will feel the pain anyway.

Donald Trump is treating America like one of his bankrupt casinos, and he doesn’t care how long it takes the cleanup crew, because once he walks away from something, it’s like it never existed. Just like he does with people. He literally could not care any less about what happens to anyone not named Donald Trump. He might make a little space for Ivanka, but if it came down to it, Trump would walk over the bodies of his own children to escape a burning building and then blame them for setting the fire. He has no basic empathy, and now that he’s been wounded, he’s going to hit back and make it hurt twice as bad.

Donald Trump is surrounded by terrible people who have remained loyal, and to repay that loyalty, he’s also making sure he’s hurting anyone he can at the same time. Instead of using his lame duck period to get his personal affairs in order so he can be ready to face Tish James in New York, he’s taking these final weeks to make sure Joe Biden isn’t just overwhelmed by all of the awful he’ll need to do, he’ll also be annoyed by it. He’s exactly like the trolls who love him: he gets more pleasure from being terrible than from being good. If Trump could get away with leaving a giant plastic turd in the middle of the Resolute Desk, he would. Instead, he’s leaving a metaphorical one all over America.

On his way out, Trump is making government appointments that are so obviously rooted in spite that it made me laugh out loud when I first read them. Hope Hicks in charge of the Fulbright Scholarship Program. Rick Grenell appointed to the US Holocaust Memorial Council. Pam Bondi to serve on the board of trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Stephanie Grisham, the former White House press secretary who never held a formal press briefing during her tenure, to the National Board for Education Sciences.

No, really, he did that. In all, 40 completely inept Trumpers have been nominated for jobs so far above their stations, they might as well be on Mars. In no way does Trump think these people are qualified, and in fact knows they aren’t. And that’s exactly the point.

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So Trump and his fellow trolls are going to be acting out over the next few weeks until Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in. Maybe they’ll also make prank calls to Democrats to ask if their refrigerators are running or sign them up for emails from strange websites. Trump has done everything he can to dumb down the Office of the President in such a transparent way that we can only shake our heads at how pathetic it all is.

Smart and accomplished people are coming back to our White House. Joe Biden has made fantastic appointments to his staff and Cabinet. Together they’ll all work to rebuild this bankrupt casino, and maybe the House will start winning again. literally.



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