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[COMMENTARY] Son of A ‘Drunken Circus Chimp’: Don Jr Dragged For Trying to Mock President Biden’s Speech

[COMMENTARY] Son of A ‘Drunken Circus Chimp’: Don Jr Dragged For Trying to Mock President Biden’s Speech

[Writer’s Disclosure: I have been blocked on Twitter by Don Jr since January 2017]

During President Joe Biden’s press conference on the efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. tried to mock him on Twitter, suggesting that he was struggling to speak. President Biden stuttered as a child, and he occasionally still experiences some of the triggers that public speaking causes former stutterers. Because Trump Jr and the rest of the MAGAts are mean overgrown grade school bullies, they mock the President for overcoming something more than 3 million Americans are currently living with. Regressing into ableism is absolutely on brand for Don Jr., but that doesn’t mean he gets away with it.

Swarms of commenters flooded his mentions with clips and quotes from his father stumbling and bumbling through press conferences, often garbling his comments to the point of near unintelligibility โ€” including his excessive slurring, his discussion of “Yo-Semites” National Park, and his inability to pronounce words like “coronavirus” or “contingency.”

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This isn’t even close to the first time Junior’s tried it with the President. Even though his own father has plenty of physical…deficits, shall we say, Donald the Younger is well-skilled in the art of obtuse projection language.

If only you could punch a tweet so the writer could feel it, right? This is the same mook who tweeted pro-Putin stuff, so he really deserves all the trolling he gets.

Mocking any Trump unites Twitter, but when it’s “Coke Drip Jr” (nickname mine, thanks), it’s a special kind of unity. Grab some popcorn and enjoy Wednesday’s edition of “Dragging Don Junior”.

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