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[COMMENTARY] Shut Up, Tucker Carlson

[COMMENTARY] Shut Up, Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson wouldn’t have a job on Fox News if he wasn’t a member of the prominent Swanson family (his father married Patricia Caroline Swanson, the heiress to Swanson Enterprises, when Tucker was 10 years old). The frozen food heir somehow finagled himself a big boy job talking a whole bunch of traitorous nonsense after years of working in print journalism, parlaying his connections to gigs on CNN and MSNBC in the mid-2000s before jumping ship to Fox News in 2016. Carlson also co-founded the right-wing trash propaganda site The Daily Caller until selling his interests earlier this year.

Most of the time, Carlson’s default setting is a blank stare and an unwillingness to accept or share actual facts as he rants about whatever’s irking him that day. A devoted Trump sycophant, he does occasionally break through to the reality where the rest of us live, as recently as this week when he challenged Trump lawyer Sidney Powell to prove the election fraud she was alleging. But then he’ll revert to his usual obtuse awfulness, making false claims regarding the COVID19 epidemic or pointing the finger at anyone but Trump for his campaign’s failure to thrive. Carlson’s interview style can be best described as “7th grade bully enjoying the negative attention his bad behavior brings him”. If he’s not being condescending to his subjects (he often laughs at them in a way that makes a viewer want to punch him right in his bland moony face) he’s making fun of them when they’re not physically there to defend themselves.

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Carlson’s immaturity, overt racism, and misogyny were on display once again as he decided to go after White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, a PBS NewsHour contributor who often appears on MSNBC and who just happens to be a Black woman. Alcindor has repeatedly sparred with Donald Trump during his press briefings, garnering her a devoted fanbase.

But that same power scares weak white men like Tucker Carlson, who just can’t let a Black woman live. And so he decided to devote some time on his Friday night telecast to slamming Alcindor for comments she made about his hero, Donald Trump.

It’s really something special when a white man decides to police the way a Black woman speaks. Tucker Carlson would do well to keep Yamiche’s name out of his mouth as he watches his Dear Leader disintegrate in front of his dumb face.

Shut up, Tucker. You’re done.

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