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[COMMENTARY] Shouldn’t Giuliani Have Seen The Water Boy Treatment Coming?

[COMMENTARY] Shouldn’t Giuliani Have Seen The Water Boy Treatment Coming?

Does Rudy Giuliani get up every morning, shuffle over to a mirror, observe his reflection and lament, “I never saw it coming.”?

No, not because he didn’t like what he saw, although age does have a heartless way of sneaking up on us and projecting a disfigured image of ourselves into the looking glass. Nobody expects their mirror to be so unkind. Instead, Rudy’s recriminations likely stem from the realization that his lifeboat has been cut free from the Trump flotilla.

Donald Trump and Giuliani have been buddies for decades, especially from the time that Giuliani lorded over New York City as mayor and developer Trump was constantly trolling for tax breaks. Former federal prosecutor Giuliani was front and center during Trump’s campaign and for those photo ops at the Bedminster Golf Club as Trump interviewed for cabinet positions in his new administration.

He famous – or infamously – represented the United States in dealings with Ukraine on behalf of Trump. Ever since the Nov. 6 election, Giuliani has criss-crossed the country, embarrassing himself in courtroom after courtroom with unsubstantiated election fraud charges that have gotten his law license yanked in New York and Washington, D.C.

But now Trump’s out of office and federal prosecutors have amped up their pressure on Giuliani (and perhaps Trump) by raiding his Manhattan home and office and seizing dozens of electronic devices for examination. The former prosecutor understands exactly how much it costs to defend a lawsuit and set up a legal defense fund. Unfortunately for him few contributed to it (somewhere around $10,000 total) and the fundraising page has been invisible since early July.

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The truly sad thing for Giuliani, however, is that even though he laid it all out there for the twice-impeached former president, for months now Trump has consistently ignored or flat out rejected Giuliani’s pleas for financial assistance. Trump’s not the only one pulling the “I hardly even knew the guy” escape lever about Giuliani. Other prominent Republicans likewise have been unwilling to pony up cash for Giuliani’s defense.

Like many in Trump’s orbit, Giuliani was made to believe he was more important than the others, an insider with whom the most transactional of all people would never part ways. How a former federal prosecutor, who at one point intricately understood how street code works, would let himself be so duped is mystifying. Even the water boy should have seen that coming.

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