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[COMMENTARY] Selfish Jerks Have Ruined Our Chances For Herd Immunity. What Do We Do Now?

[COMMENTARY] Selfish Jerks Have Ruined Our Chances For Herd Immunity. What Do We Do Now?

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The news broke Monday morning that despite nationwide vaccine availability to all Americans over the age of 16, America won’t reach herd immunity because just enough of the population is refusing to get vaccinated. Experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci have estimated between 70% to 85% of the US population needs to be immune to the virus, through vaccination or previous infection, to control its spread.

Unfortunately, between the anti-vaxxers, the MAGAts, and the QAnons being obtuse jerks who’d rather listen to Joe Rogan than an esteemed epidemiologist, this means the COVID19 virus is not only here to stay, it will continue to spread and mutate unless enough people change their minds about vaccinations. Which is infuriating, because these are the exact same people who were crying about getting to herd immunity even before the vaccines were street-legal, so it’s confusing as to why they won’t take any of the available vaccines now.

COVID virus is surging
[Image via U.S. Secretary of Defense, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]
For all of those red-pilled Red Hats whining about America not being able to reopen, it’s because YOU WON’T COOPERATE, you dumb sheeple. It’s not just about YOU, it’s about THE WHOLE COUNTRY FFS. We want to go to the same kinds of places you want to go to, but not if you’re all a bunch of Typhoid Marys. Maybe hearing all of this in a fancy English accent will convince you? I can wait for you to watch John Oliver and then come back to finish this.

Incredible, right? If only the people John Oliver was targeting actually watched Last Week Tonight.

Anyway, something tells me that there’s a major crossover between the people who won’t get vaccinated and the people who are fine with making fake vaccine ID cards so they can continue being selfish jerks who don’t care if their neighbors get infected or die.

What’s really interesting about their refusal to get the vaccines is that their Dear Leader told them to get vaccinated when he appeared at CPAC and it barely made a blip on the conservative news radar. Maybe more people need to see it coming from his own puckered orange anus mouth.

Maybe if more MAGAts saw this, they’d get the shot? I would love to believe that’s true, but then there are those QAnons who’ll say it’s a coded message to NOT get vaccinated.

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I’m vaccinated. I’m ready to get out of my apartment and see my friends and sit at a bar. But thanks to the selfish liars who keep pushing lies about the vaccines, I have no idea when we’ll be able to sit inside anywhere together or go to the grocery store without masking up. And that goes for you too, you selfish babies. We can’t have nice things and it’s all your fault. Maybe think about all the things you’ve been whining about and realize you’re the problem? Because you’d also be the solution if you’d only get your heads out of your collective asses. And you won’t do that, because doing that means admitting you were wrong, and you can never do that either.

Thanks for nothing, jerks.



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