COMMENTARY: Scandal Obsessed Fox News is Refusing To Cover The Matt Gaetz Story

The anchors at Fox News have always loved a good scandal. In the 1990’s, the new network found it’s footing by relentlessly covering the Bill Clinton impeachment. And that coverage helped them become a ratings giants.

Matt Gaetz endorsed man accused of child sex trafficking
Photo by Drew Angerer/GettyImages

When there isn’t a scandal to be had, Fox is always happy to manufacture one. Who could ever forget the time that Barack Obama wore a cream suit. And Fox anchors are still talking about Dr. Seuss being “cancelled.”

When one of their own is accused of wrong doing though, the network moves quick to provide them with cover. They did this for Matt Gaetz earlier this week. The Florida congressman is being investigated on potential sex trafficking charges. He was given the opportunity to plead his case on Tucker Carlson’s prime time show.

That spot was a disaster for the congressman. Gaetz made accusations of a conspiracy against him and began to involve Carlson in his case. The Fox host later referred to it as the “one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted.”

After that moment, the powers that be at Fox decided that the best way forward is to just ignore the scandal. The network is still more than happy to talk about scandals that involve prominent Democrats. The accusations of sexual misconduct against Andrew Cuomo are mentioned on basically every show.

But they certainly aren’t talking about the Florida congressman. According to Vox’s Aaron Rupar, the Gaetz scandal has not been referenced on Fox since Wednesday morning. Maybe it would be different if Gaetz had worn a tan suit.


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