[COMMENTARY] ‘Sad Old Man’: Trump Mocked For Three-Word Nonsense Statement

Donald Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington violates Twitter’s Terms of Service every time she sends out another tweet on behalf of her boss. Essentially Trump but with an active account, Harrington is a typical MAGAt, promoting every last grift and lie. She continues to duck the kind of Twitter treatment the currently suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene is experiencing; unlike Greene, however, Harrington can get away with blocking her critics because she holds no government office. Full disclosure: I’m blocked on Twitter by Liz Harrington and started the #BanLizHarrington trend, because if you suspend Trump, you need to suspend his other mouthpieces too.

Until that happens, Harrington will continue to send out the Former Guy’s ‘official’ word salads no matter how wilted the lettuce. And so it was on Wednesday when she released a three-word statement that left Twitter both unpacking its meaning and then replying with their own three words in response to the ridiculousness.

“BULLIES NEVER FIGHT!” said the statement. Uh, okay?

In truth, bullies are cowards who use intimidation because they’re too dumb to use their words. It’s not true that they never fight, but this isn’t really about semantics. This is about Trump’s delicate ego. TFG is the textbook example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder with added bonus Martyr Syndrome. He never did anything wrong, it was everyone around him doing the bad. That’s Trump’s default setting.

But what did he mean? Is he admitting he’s a bully? Is he saying he won’t fight a Congressional subpoena from the Select Committee or the Trump Organization indictments or the impending prosecutions in Georgia? I’d ask Liz Harrington, but…well, you know. New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman speculated that Trump’s statement was a reference to Andrew Cuomo, who is resigning as governor of New York after being accused in a report by the state attorney general of sexually harassing 11 women.

At least it gave Twitter another reason to focus their attention on Harrington in the hopes of getting her removed from the platform.

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