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[COMMENTARY] Ron ‘DeathSantis’ Predicted to Be GOP’s 2024 Nominee

[COMMENTARY] Ron ‘DeathSantis’ Predicted to Be GOP’s 2024 Nominee

Here’s a terrifying paragraph, courtesy of our pals over at Mediaite:

“PredictIt, an online forecasting research market-based in Washington D.C., has new data indicating that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has overtaken Trump as the GOP’s most likely 2024 nominee. The governor is at an approximately 3-1 odds of getting the nomination, while Trump is nearly a 4-1 second choice.

Just reading that brings back 2016 levels of mental exhaustion. Ron “DeathSantis”, really? The racist Florida Man who never met a crime he couldn’t sweep under the carpet or a constituent he couldn’t justify not protecting wants to be the President. Sure, Ron, it’s not like you’ve pushed Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on the national stage–oh wait, yes you have.

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DeSantis, who increasingly resembles a collapsing papier-mache head of Pinocchio mid-transition to a Real Boy, is set to appear in the battleground state of Pennsylvania next month, which many people are speculating will be his sort-official kickoff for 2024.

It’s a good news/bad news sitch for the Democrats, as there are plenty of awful things about DeSantis to use against him in campaign ads and debates. But if he’s being backed by the Former Guy and the rest of the MAGA faithful, we can also expect a rerun of the 2016/2020 presidential election seasons with some very dirty Trumpian politicking going on, and no thank you, please.

There are still real Republicans out there who didn’t sell their souls to Donald Trump and Daddy Vlad, and whoever they are, they need to step up and challenge DeathSantis. I want a good ol boring GOP ticket in 2024. Like Jeb “Please Clap” Bush boring. Mitt “47%” Romney boring. I’m literally begging for the most boring election season ever. Let Russian Ron finish destroying what’s left of Florida, but don’t let it spread to the other states, please.

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Because I’m done with the flung diaper version of running a GOP campaign that Trump created. I know I won’t get it, but I still want respectful political discourse to make a comeback, and that’s not ever going to happen if the GOP keeps putting up more of the same.

If Ron DeSantis does emerge as the GOP’s 2024 nominee, I hope the Biden/Harris campaign will use tweets from the people during their campaign. We know what DeathSantis is, and we can say the things about him that are true in a way they can’t.

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