[COMMENTARY] RNC Ratings Tank For a Third Consecutive Night

The Republican National Convention is still falling short of their Democratic counterparts’ efforts last week. The RNC has been underperforming all week long, and its third night brought the GOP their worst numbers yet. In a nice touch of irony, the production being overseen by two former employees of “The Apprentice” and its star lost in the ratings to an actual blockbuster reality show, “Big Brother“.

Ratings across the six networks carrying the RNC averaged at 15.7 million, a major decline from the previous night’s average of 22 million. Wednesday’s average is also down sharply from the same night four years ago, when the same six channels drew an average of 22.81 million viewers. That’s a 31 percent drop. Conversely, last week’s Democratic Convention brought in 21.46 million viewers on its third night. Mike Pence’s official acceptance speech from Fort McHenry–where the crowd was not socially distanced, with almost no one wearing masks–drew 2 million fewer viewers than Melania Trump’s speech the night before.

The RNC has had a rough week aside from the ratings, plagued by controversial speakers, viral moments, accusations of speakers taking drugs before their appearances, and outlandish accusations about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Night four will close out with Trump formally accepting the nomination with a speech that is said to lean heavily on disseminating Joe Biden’s character rather than promote any policy or positivity. Kamala Harris has already given the preemptive Democratic response to Trump’s acceptance speech.

Night four closes out the RNC with Ivanka Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell among the high profile Trump faithful set to speak.


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