Commentary: Rick Wilson Warns Trump Isn’t Going Away But That’s Exactly What We Want

This week, the GOP made it abundantly clear that they are all in on Donald Trump. The party is ousting Liz Cheney from leadership for being mean to him. And Lindsey Graham told Sean Hannity last night that the Republican party can’t continue to grow without Trump.

On Friday, former Republican strategist Rick Wilson took to Twitter to warn Liberals that Trump isn’t going away. But that is kind of what we want. In fact, it’s the best case scenario.

Wilson told his Twitter followers, “Those of you thinking Trump will go away if you call him ‘the former guy’ miss the point; you cannot wish him away. It’s politically naïve and borders on juvenile. The evidence is piling up: Trump’s iron grip over the GOP has been institutionalized.”

I don’t think anyone expected Trump to go away. He’s doing anything and everything to keep his iron grip on the GOP. But to think that Trump is as powerful as he was, even in last November, is short sighted.

Since that time, Trump has incited an insurrection on the American capitol. He’s been banned from every major social media site. And he’s taken to giving speeches to tens of people from his Mar-a-Lago club. Even if the GOP plans to roll with Trump going forward there are numerous obstacles.

First, Trump is unopopular. He may have won 75 million votes in 2020. He also lost by 7 million votes. In addition, the GOP lost the senate and wasn’t able to win back the house. He’s actually become even more unpopular since leaving the White House.

Trump is also old and obese. He could suffer a severe health set back at any time. On top of that, he no longer has the office of the president to keep his legal problems at bay. He could be indicted at any time.

There are a million land mines here that can undermine Trump at anytime. My guess is that one of those gets detonated soon.

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