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[COMMENTARY] RFK Jr Compares Vaccines to Holocaust at Anti-Vax Rally

[COMMENTARY] RFK Jr Compares Vaccines to Holocaust at Anti-Vax Rally

[Writer’s note: I was raised Jewish but am now non-practicing and identify as agnostic/atheist/ “culturally Jewish”]

Oy, it seems like just a few days ago when I was lamenting the rise of Anti-Semitism in America, with its insidious roots now reaching all the way into the House of Representatives, whose members keep tweeting comparisons of anything that seems unfair to the Holocaust.

Oh wait, it was.

Fox News avoids mentioning alt-right
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It’s everywhere from Hollywood to Washington, DC, and it infiltrates every fringe conspiracy theory. Jews have always been the world’s scapegoats, and we’re really tired of it. Honestly, we just want to make a nice living and have a comfortable place to sit. The rest is gravy. But you know, other people can’t let anyone just live, so you get MAGA morons like Marjorie Taylor Greene comparing getting a teeny life-saving shot to six million people dying in the most atrocious and inhumane ways.

It’s also shocking to see no less than a member of the Kennedy family being sucked into the QAnon-ish anti-vax movement, going so far past the brink as to stand in front of a crowd at an anti-vax rally on Sunday and bust out that old Holocaust trope.

It’s enough to make you wish JFK Jr really was still alive, because maybe he’d be able to shake some sense into his cousin. Who just happens to be married to Cheryl Hines. Yes, Cheryl from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” who seems like a smart and pragmatic person, but now needs to come collect that man and get him some help ASAP. Because if the Auschwitz Memorial is dragging you, you know you’re leaning towards the very wrong side of history.

I still don’t understand anyone who doesn’t want to do everything they can to finally end this pandemic. I watched a movie last night that was made in 1998, and I almost cried at how much I miss that normalcy of autonomously moving through the world without worrying about what I was breathing in. But these unvaccinated willfully obtuse morons will just keep assembling and the virus will keep mutating and they’ll stay mad at the very issues they’re unaware they’re causing YAAAAAY.

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Again, I implore you, Dear Reader: please vote for smart Democrats who believe in science. And get vaccinated if you aren’t already.

Also, the no more Anti-Semitism stuff would be great too, everyone.

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