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[COMMENTARY] Religious Zealots Tie “Dreams of Violence” to Election

[COMMENTARY] Religious Zealots Tie “Dreams of Violence” to Election

Because 2020, a prominent Kentucky pastor claims his recent series of dreams are actually predictions for the 2020 Election sent to him by God.

Dana Coverstone went viral in June when he recorded a video describing what he terms “violent apocalyptic dreams” and some have deemed “prophetic”. Coverstone claims he dreamed about the COVID-19 pandemic and domestic unrest that unfolded in response to George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer. More recent dreams, he says, have predicted greater violence this fall, foretold economic hyperinflation and a move to a cashless society, and featured the appearance of Russian and Chinese soldiers. Coverstone says he believes his dreams were sent to him by God to “wake the church up.”

While some might hear that and think Coverstone was just dreaming about the news, others see his dreams as prophetic visions warning of an impending Civil War or worse. Conspiracy theories are a hot commodity these days, and who better to push them than those already well versed in using fear as a control mechanism.

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Unfortunately, Evangelicals have a wider reach than ever thanks to the Charisma Network, with a full lineup aimed at an audience ready to be whipped up by more anger and fear. CEO Steven Strang recently promoted a Trump advisor’s own “prophecy“, saying, “God will pluck a sinking Trump out of the swamp in September and rescue his presidency.”

Rather than hold the man accountable for his mistakes, Evangelicals like Coverstone will just keep moving the Biblical goalposts until the election. At least one of their warnings is on point: “Don’t expect things to get easier and better in this nation right now during this election cycle.”

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