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[COMMENTARY] Religious Right Leaders Who Back Trump’s Big Lie Object to Biden’s Voting Rights Bill

[COMMENTARY] Religious Right Leaders Who Back Trump’s Big Lie Object to Biden’s Voting Rights Bill

Mike Huckabee says Trump should skip press

Evangelical Christians who back Donald Trump embody a strange dichotomy in American politics, looking the other way at his indiscretions with adult film actresses during all three of his marriages, as well as his associations with dubious characters like Jeffrey Epstein. Those same religious leaders are quick to invoke the name of Bill Clinton whenever the subject of Trump’s adultery is ever mentioned, never holding their own to the same kind of accountability.

Those same “holy men” who allege to live by the “word of God” are fine with Donald Trump holding the Good Book upside down in a photo op after a Black Lives Matter crowd was moved for him, so why not also lie for him and say he won the election. It’s not like there was some list of rules they got from Sky Daddy they have to follow that says something like “Thou shalt not lie”. Oh wait.

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Look, anyone reading this knows Trump isn’t a Christian. He’s a Trumpian. He only cares about himself, and if he has to pretend he cares about anyone else, it looks like it physically hurts him. So spare me your Trumpocrisy, Mike “Change the H to an S” Huckabee. Let’s talk about what an equal opportunity offender we have here.


Right Wing Watch is reporting that the former Arkansas Governor, who’s literally like if a razorback was a person with the worst kids not named Trump, doesn’t just support the big election lie of 2020, he’s also fine with only certain people getting to vote. Huckabee made an appeal ​to religious-right activists ​via email to make a monthly commitment to My Faith Votes, a Christian-right turnout operation for which he serves as honorary chairman. One day after Biden called for senators to change filibuster rules to overcome the ​Senate Republicans’ blockade against voting rights legislation, RWW writes, Huckabee claimed that the “effort to kill the filibuster and federalize elections” is “a blatant attempt to abuse power.” He said that while My Faith Votes recruits and plans to mobilize “an army of Christian voters for 2022,” the group “must also flex our grassroots muscle to keep the Senate from making a very dangerous mistake.” My Faith Votes has backed recent Republican voter suppression efforts in the name of “election integrity.”

Yeah, it’s enough to make you roll your smoky eyes, amirite?

Meanwhile, as he continues to back efforts to prevent people of color from voting, Huckabee will be giving the keynote at a virtual state-sponsored prayer breakfast on MLK Day, which is a weird gig for an avowed opponent of the John Lewis Voting Rights legislation and a frequent critic of Black politicians (Vice President Kamala Harris recently), which is why he’s being boycotted. And dragged to filth on Twitter.

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