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[COMMENTARY] Rand Paul Is Holding Up $40B in Aid to Ukraine Because He’s A Russian Asset

[COMMENTARY] Rand Paul Is Holding Up $40B in Aid to Ukraine Because He’s A Russian Asset

Yes, you read that headline correctly. It’s a commentary and SCOTUS hasn’t removed our First Amendment rights (yet). I SAID WHAT I SAID.

It’s the worst-kept secret in Washington that Sen. Rand Paul (Q-Moscow), he of the horrifically permed hair, who has made many trips to the Motherland, most notably just before a bunch of other GOP traitors made a visit on JULY 4th, and shed COVID all over the Senate gym, is fully compromised. When he was still on this side of the veil, Sen. John McCain (who has a daughter, ICYMI) openly accused Rand Paul of being on Putin’s payroll, so I feel fairly safe making the same statements here.

Seriously, EFF THIS GUY

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On Thursday, Russian Rand unilaterally held up the passing of a bill that would send another $40B in aid to Ukraine, which they need badly. Russian Rand doesn’t understand that UKRAINE IS OUR ALLY, because he’s a brainwashed compromised Russian asset, so of course he doesn’t want to help Ukraine.

You may also recall Rand Paul from digging a new low for the GOP when he openly used Russian propaganda talking points on the floor of the United States Senate and has still not yet somehow been arresting for openly committing treason. Or when one of his staffers was caught funneling Russian money to the Great MAGA King Baby, but Paul himself sidestepped any accountability. Weird, huh?

I’m just saying, if Tara Dublin was openly in cahoots with Putin and was shooting her mouth off about it where other people could hear her, she’d be in federal custody before she finished pressing “send” on her latest tweet. But literal Moscow Mule Rand Paul can just keep being a compromised asset all over the place, it’s fine.

Seriously, how much blatant treason does someone have to commit before the DOJ takes any action? 99% of the GOP is fully compromised anyway (Cheney and Kinzinger squeak by thanks to their clear display of patriotism and loyalty to America by sitting on the January 6th House Select Committee), so I don’t hold out any hope things are going to get better here in the pre-Gilead years.

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I have so many other harsh words for Rand Paul, like “sniveling rat bastard traitor,” but there’s only so much energy I’m willing to waste on endeavors that won’t go anywhere. I don’t know when or how these compromised puppets are going to get theirs, but I do know it will feel AMAZING when we get the news. Until then, you’re all welcome to keep helping me drag these compromised puppets to filth and maybe even vote some of them out of office, please.

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