[COMMENTARY] Rand Paul Blames Suspicious Package On…Grammy Winner Richard Marx?

Republican Senator and former COVID spreader Rand Paul (Q-KY) is one of the most prominent and reviled members of the Senate. With his Ogilvy Home Perm and suspicious trips to Russia, Paul has made himself a target for plenty of haters, from ordinary Twitter users to people who actually know him, including his own next-door neighbor, who once famously took Paul down with one punch during a dispute that was allegedly over yard waste. Paul suffered broken ribs; his neighbor pleaded guilty to assault on a member of Congress. He initially served 30 days in prison but was resentenced last year to 8 months, with the judge saying the initial sentence was not commensurate with Paul’s injuries.

It’s that incident with his neighbor that continues to serve as low-hanging fruit for Twitter users, and most of the time, Paul ignores all responses from anyone who tweets him any criticism. He rarely interacts with anyone, employing the GOP tweeting tactic of dropping baseless statements with no proof, never returning to defend his stance. Ted Cruz is famous for this tactic, but he’ll go out of his way to have a Twitter feud with anyone really famous, like Seth Rogen. Now Rand Paul is having his own similar moment, thanks to Grammy Award-winning singer and Twitter master Richard Marx.

A package containing white powder was sent to Paul’s home, and while the FBI is investigating its contents and origins, Paul is already blaming Marx for a tweet “encouraging violence”. Yes, this same guy who delivered a message to Putin on July 4th and voted against the January 6th commission is pointing the finger at the man who wrote “Right Here Waiting”. As if a singer tweeting about Rand Paul’s neighbor is going to be the impetus to finally get someone to take real-life action threatening a Senator. Also, the timing doesn’t work. Thanks to Louis DeJoy, nothing gets mailed that fast.

The tweet in question was related to Paul’s refusal to get vaccinated. Richard Marx is a savvy tweeter and knows how to get a subtweet just right.


This isn’t the first time Rand Paul has had issues at his house, and it certainly won’t be the last when he keeps tweeting hate speech and lies about the Coronavirus. At least Twitter can always enjoy the collective Rand Paul dragging that occurs every time he decides to take on a stronger opponent (see also: Dr. Anthony Fauci).

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