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[COMMENTARY] QAnons Await Major Campaign Announcement About…JFK Jr

[COMMENTARY] QAnons Await Major Campaign Announcement About…JFK Jr

The QAnon conspiracy cult woke up on Saturday, October 17, all excited, because this is the day they’ve been waiting for. The Q Prophecy (which is traced to a pig farmer in the Philippines who owns the deep web site 8Chan) claims that John F. Kennedy, Jr. (who died in a plane crash along with his wife, Carolyn Bissette Kennedy, and her sister, Lauren, on July 16, 1999) will be coming back to join Donald Trump at a rally in Michigan to announce that he’s replacing Mike Pence as Trump’s running mate.

Yes, they’re serious. They even have shirts.

The right-wing conspiracy movement emerged in 2017 as a result of cryptic clues posted on the internet that portray a world in which Donald Trump works secretly to vanquish a coven of global elites, including top Democrats and Hollywood celebrities, who torture children, traffic them for sex, and even eat them. In a few short years, QAnon-associated accounts have grown exponentially on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok at an unprecedented rate. The pandemic has further fueled its growth, uniting anti-vaxxers and COVID deniers with the Sandy Hook skeptics already part of QAnon’s growing coalition that also includes everyone from Roseanne to porn queen Jenna Jameson to former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

Despite no proof that JFK Jr, who belonged to the most famous Democratic political family in American history, is still alive and lying in wait to make a victorious return as a Republican Vice Presidential candidate, the QAnons are doubling down and insisting it’s real, even though this isn’t the first time his return was predicted by Q. JFK Jr was allegedly first supposed to re-emerge on July 4, 2019, but “the time wasn’t right”. It was then moved up to July 4th of this year, then once again pushed back to October 17th for an inexplicable reason only QAnons seem to understand.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stephan Savoia/AP/Shutterstock (5994215a)
PEOPLE KENNEDY John F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, listens to a question from the audience during a panel discussion entitled “The Medicare Debate: Then and Now” at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday afternoon

QAnon believers claim JFK Jr has even appeared in public at Trump rallies. Seizing on a picture of a bearded, middle-aged man in glasses standing in the stands behind Trump at one rally, they claim that the man was actually Kennedy in disguise. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that the man is actually Vincent Fusca of Pennsylvania and looks nothing like 1988’s Sexiest Man Alive, as JFK Jr was deemed by People Magazine. QAnon supporters ran wild with the theory anyway, trying to use facial aging programs to prove that he was Kennedy, who would be 57 today.

While regular people understand that John F. Kennedy, Jr is sadly just as dead as his famous parents and therefore find all of this amusing, it’s important to remember that the QAnons are dangerous and have been deemed a domestic terrorist organization thanks to actions they’ve taken in the real world. A QAnon believer and self-identified member of the alt-right Proud Boys in Seattle killed his brother in January by stabbing him in the head with a four-foot-long sword, later claiming he thought his brother was a lizard. In June of last year, an armed man inspired by a QAnon post barricaded himself in an armed vehicle and blocked traffic on the Hoover Dam bridge for hours. He was demanding the Justice Department release a (nonexistent) secret report on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server that a QAnon influencer had claimed was being stashed at the dam.

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All Q eyes will be on Dallas on Saturday. How they’ll spin yet another no-show from the still-dead John F. Kennedy Jr remains to be seen.

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