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[COMMENTARY] QAnons at Ohio Trump Rally Posed With “JFK Jr”

[COMMENTARY] QAnons at Ohio Trump Rally Posed With “JFK Jr”

Sometimes you really have to wonder what causes a person to disassociate from reality to the point that they genuinely believe that a man who’s been dead for 22 years has actually been hiding in Pennsylvania with a completely different face because he’s been planning a triumphant return to politics to be Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024.

Because that’s what the members of the QAnon cult believe about a guy named Vincent Fusca.

This woman believes the man she’s standing with, who goes by the name Vincent Fusca, is really John F. Kennedy, Jr. The same JFK Jr. who sadly perished in a tragic plane crash along with his wife, Carolyn Bissette Kennedy, as well as her sister, Lauren. The QAnons conveniently ignore the women who died along with JFK Jr; there has never been an explanation as to their whereabouts while John-John allegedly was biding his time in a Pennsylvania farmhouse. I mean, how can you blame them for thinking that the grizzled dude in the photo above is a part of the most famous American bloodline?

Uncanny resemblance, huh? *insert a full paragraph of eyeroll emojis*

For a while, the QAnons decided that Joe Biden is really JFK Jr in a CGI mask and Donald Trump is a billion-year-old intergalactic being made of pure starlight who planned to introduce a cure for all disease in his second term. It’s unclear how it changed from Joe Biden to Vincent Fusca being the real JFK Jr, but like all conspiracies, this one skips all kinds of inconvenient details (like the fact that John F. Kennedy Jr is very very dead) to fit their latest narrative. You know, because Trump couldn’t have lost the election due to getting fewer votes than his opponent, that line just doesn’t fly with the Qrazies.

So there they were, out in less-than-full force Saturday night at the Trump hate rally in Ohio where the Delta Variant was the true headliner. And they were more than happy to stand with Fusca and pretend he’s the son of one of the most beloved and legitimately elected Presidents in history because they don’t have to live in the same world as the rest of us where facts matter and dead people stay dead.

At this point, it seems all we can do about the QAnon cult is continue to expose their insane conspiracies in the endless attempt to keep America from fully dumbing down past the point of return. But the struggle against stupidity is real when they’re out there tweeting this kind of hot nonsensical garbage.


But at least they also provide plenty of excellent comedy gold for Twitter to mine.


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