[COMMENTARY] QAnon Candidate Tries It With AOC and Fails

Marjorie Taylor Greene has certainly earned herself quite a reputation as she continues to campaign for a House seat in rural Georgia. A member of the QAnon conspiracy theory cult, which has been designated a domestic terrorist organization, Greene has been using her Twitter account to alternately troll Democrats, spread misinformation about the coronavirus, and make random threats, including one to Twitter itself. Greene has also been retweeted by Donald Trump and welcomed into the House by Floria Rep Matt Gaetz months before the election. And despite an announcement from Twitter saying it was going to ban QAnon accounts, Greene’s remains active as of Monday, when she decided to take on one of the more famous members of the House of Representatives.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a lightning rod for the right ever since she was the surprise winner of her Congressional race in 2018. As a young Latina woman, AOC is everything MAGA is not, and therefore she brings out the very worst in them, like the smart kid triggering the bully in the back of the class. Greene clearly has been classified as a dumb blonde at some point in her life, because there’s nothing the right loves more than to use their own personal pain as fodder to attack the left.


Marjorie Green threatens antifa for Trump


Rep Ocasio-Cortez took the easiest route to dispatching a Trump supporter: treating the tweet like a spelling test. And Greene failed, of course. A New Yorker to her core, AOC once again served up a lesson to the right wing trolls who never seem to learn: Do not come for AOC unless she sends for you.

And that, Marjorie, was the night the lights went out in Georgia.


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