Commentary: Prize For Unintentional Irony Goes To Megan McCain For Use Of The Word “Privilege”

Megan McCain, as one of The View‘s cohosts, is tired of hearing about the insurrection attempt from January. She says that it’s being relitigated to the detriment of more urgent matters, like whether she’ll be able to put gas in her car. However, it’s her use of the word “privilege” that really takes the cake.

[Screenshot via The View/YouTube]

In the segment below, McCain is complaining that the event, four months ago, is still being ‘relitigated’ — though in fact, litigation has barely begun and law enforcement is still working to identify all of the people involved. She brushes off the fears that cohost Joy Behar describes, to say that her friends are afraid too — afraid of not having gas to put in their cars. She describes her position as one of privilege — but seems to miss where the privilege lies.

McCain describes herself as privileged compared to some of her friends, and average Americans, because her place of work will ensure that she can do her job whether there’s gas or not, immediately after brushing off the real privilege, which is that she (and likely many of the friends she’s talking about) aren’t afraid of what happens if Donald Trump’s supporters are left free to think that insurrection is without consequences, and they carry out another attempt.

McCain is white and wealthy. Her family name connects her to other people in positions of wealth and power, as does her own public image. She has the privilege of not fearing what will come from a government that shrugs off an attack on free and fair elections, of not fearing what will happen to her if white supremacists are allowed to overturn the government.

People who, unlike McCain, didn’t have the privilege of access to medical and preventative care under the Trump Administration died of COVID. Transgender individuals had a career and livelihood option snatched out from under them when Trump barred them from the military. Under the Biden Administration, there are investigations into multiple police departments to determine whether there’s an unconstitutional racial disparity in policing.

If the insurrection had been successful, or if a hypothetical future insurrection was successful, Megan McCain’s life might not change, but we can see how other lives were, and would be, endangered. (Of course, that’s without even addressing the direct danger to elected officials, who faced literal death threats from the invaders.)

Megan McCain thinks her ‘privilege’ is shown in the fact that her employer could get her to work if necessary? I believe her privilege is shown in her entire diatribe, and the fact that this (relatively) tiny boon is really the ‘privilege’ she has over the average American.

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