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[COMMENTARY] Political and Social Issues Impacting the Workplace

[COMMENTARY] Political and Social Issues Impacting the Workplace

Most employers wish to keep politics out of the workplace as they can prevent colleagues from working as a team and can cause disruption. However, some political and social issues have a direct impact on the workplace, and here are some of the ways that they affect it. 

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Health and Safety 

New health and safety laws and regulations are being brought in all the time to improve conditions for workers and to ensure that they can feel comfortable in the workplace. In 2019, there were over 5,000 fatal accidents in the workplace, showing that health and safety are still a big issue for most employers that employees are often unhappy with. Therefore, if you want to promote employee welfare within your company, you should consider sending your employees on an IOSH course from Skills Training Group as this will allow managers and supervisors to learn how they can manage and reduce the risks of the workplace in any industry. 


Three out of five employees have seen or been the victim of workplace discrimination, even though this is illegal. The most common reasons for discrimination in the workplace include age, gender, race, and sexual orientation, and it can make working for a company an unpleasant experience. While some people suffered from verbal abuse, others were unable to get a promotion or even a job at a certain company due to views and values that were held there. Companies can prevent workplace discrimination by creating an equality policy that lays out their stance on it, by giving their employees anti-discrimination training, and by ensuring that their recruitment process is fair and is not affected by conscious or unconscious bias of any kind. 

Some employees also get discriminated against due to a disability. To prevent this from happening within your company, you should make sure that you make accommodations for the disabled people that work for your business, such as installing ramps and elevators that can help every one of your employees to reach the different levels of your business. Don’t be afraid to talk to your employees and find out what you aren’t currently doing that would make everyone feel like an equal. 

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Some people are also discriminated against due to their mental health. You should make sure that your employees feel comfortable talking to you about their mental health and that you provide access to mental health services like therapists for those who are struggling. 


The rate of pay that employees earn is constantly hotly debated, and 19% of US employees feel as if they are underpaid by their employers. Although minimum wage continues to rise alongside inflation, employees often feel as if the work that they produce is worth more than what they are currently paid. Therefore, as an employer, you should make sure that your pay structure reflects the tasks that your employees have to complete, that you are not paying your employees different amounts of money to complete the same job, that you offer pay rises regularly, and that you make sure that you are paying employees a similar paycheck to other companies within your industry.

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