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[COMMENTARY] ‘Please Clap’: Twitter Drags Trump For Begging Mar-A-Lago Diners to Applaud Him

[COMMENTARY] ‘Please Clap’: Twitter Drags Trump For Begging Mar-A-Lago Diners to Applaud Him

While the GOP was busy trying it with President Joe Biden for–gasp–working from Camp David instead of the Oval Office, like all Presidents are supposed to do (while maybe also relaxing a tad HOW DARE HE BE A HUMAN MAN) instead of letting their families use it for filming “Jersey Shore” or whatever the Trump kids did up there, Donald Trump was being driven around the golf course to half-heartedly shuffle towards the green. Once he was done, Paw Paw decided to grab a snack and an ego boost while the Mar-A-Lago brunch crowd was in full swing and got a less-than-marvelous reception.

In Trump’s addled brain, he is beloved by all. I’m sure he wonders why rose petals don’t magically appear beneath his golf shoes. He was whining that the January 6th Committee “will go after children,” meaning his adult children, all of whom have children of their own. I feel pretty good about saying that the Committee isn’t going to subpoena any of Trump’s grandkids (but I’ll give him a dollar for every one of them he can name without any helpsies, which he can put towards his legal fees if the RNC ever stops paying them).

So I guess he just assumed the people standing at the omelet station were giving him a standing ovation? How else to explain him expecting applause from the people who were just sitting pretending their pancakes weren’t all gloppy and raw in the middle (come on, how good can the food be there?) because he literally demanded they applaud. Our friend Patriot Takes posted the gold, and then Twitter exploded with the exact opposite kind of energy Paw Paw was giving off.

Watching his demise is the gift we all deserve, and there is no such thing as too much schadenfreude. We have to laugh at his expense, and laugh often.


Trump was compared to Jeb “Please clap” Bush plenty, but others saw some proper fellow dictator posturing going on.

You could smell the burns just wafting from the tweets.

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