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[COMMENTARY] Pics Reveal Trump’s “Healthcare Plan” Is Nothing But Blank Pages

[COMMENTARY] Pics Reveal Trump’s “Healthcare Plan” Is Nothing But Blank Pages

If Donald Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl ever actually sees the light of day, it promises to contain plenty of moments he’d rather people not see, which explains his tweetstorm threatening to release the footage himself. Not only did Trump storm out of the interview well before it was scheduled to end, but he also refused to do a planned segment with Mike Pence.

One moment Trump seemed to be proud of was when he had White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who recently recovered from her own bout with the coronavirus, bring out a huge binder that he claimed held his full healthcare plan. However, upon closer inspection, it appears as if Trump’s experience staging photo ops has once again come into play, because the binder looks to be comprised of nothing but blank pages.

Trump himself tweeted screenshots from the interview, but sharp-eyed Twitter immediately users picked up on the obviously staged moment.

Anyone who’s followed Trump’s tenure knows he loves a good photo op, so it’s not surprising that he tried to impress Stahl with a great big heavy book. However, it’s fairly obvious no one on Team Trump thought Stahl–a multiple-Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist–would actually open it to inspect it for herself.

Trump just loves to make it look like he’s busy working or has a lot of things to sign. Who can forget the famously staged shot of him signing his “taxes”.

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And this staged moment from his brief stay at Walter Reed, where he once again appears to be signing a blank page.

It’s probably also safe to say that there just isn’t a Trump Healthcare Plan.

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